Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This Made My [Yester] Day

Little things, like packages in the mail, make me happy. In one of my insomniac nights I was browsing all over Etsy and found a cute felt food sandwich for the girls at this shop. I’m obsessed with felt food. I like that it isn’t plastic or branded or covered in lead paint. And I am also newly passionate about Esty. I love that when you buy on Etsy, your money is going to an actual person who sits at an actual desk or table or on a couch or in a workshop. The money isn’t going into the pockets of some giant, faceless corporation. I know I love Target, but at heart, and given the choice, I would so much rather spend my money at places like Etsy.

Anyway, I found this great sandwich with all the fixings and even a side of ruffled chips. It arrived in the mail yesterday, and it really exceeded all of my expectations! It came wrapped like a present in tissue paper with a ribbon. There was a card, a real card, thanking me for my order, with two little bags of green tea in it (take that, faceless corporation). And the sandwich came in its own handmade drawstring bag. It is so unbelievably cute, and it only cost $28. I’ve spent more on plastic Dora crap for nieces and nephews that eventually ends up forgotten on the bottom of a toy pile. Even if the girls someday tire of this, which I can’t imagine, it is a little work of art that will look adorable on a shelf somewhere. The artist who made it also makes a stir fry that I am thinking of buying. And a really, really cute sock dog.

Speaking of cute, Avery is now a professional crawler. As of yesterday, she can climb stairs. She is barely eight months and she is already climbing stairs. Also, this morning, when we went to get her from her crib, she was standing up, holding onto the side with her chubby little fingers, bouncing up and down. I got out the wrench and lowered her crib mattress immediately.

I got a call yesterday from my doctor. She asked if I “had a few minutes” to go over my blood test results. Of course, my heart starting beating in my throat and I felt like I was going to throw up. There are two babies crawling around and a stack of things I need to do, but, yes, sure, I have a few minutes to discuss what I am sure will be my impending death. I was flustered and panicked. I grabbed a magic marker and started scribbling whatever numbers she said to me on a piece of paper ripped out of a magazine. She took forever, going through the normal results. The anticipation you might be feeling, reading this paragraph, waiting for me to get to the news, that I was I felt, times a thousand. Anyway, it’s anticlimactic, I hope. My thyroid function is off, which the doctor says can be because of pregnancy, or not. But I know that my thyroid function was off before pregnancy, because that was one of the things my RE discovered on a blood test, which may or may not have contributed to my failure to get pregnant or stay pregnant. Of course, this requires a follow up, so I have to go get a sonogram of my thyroid to make sure nothing is going on in there.

Pictured above, the sandwich, all stacked and ready to play. Below, the components and the drawstring bag to keep it all together. No, I do not know the woman who made this and I am not being paid to endorse her work! I just really, really love this toy! Maybe the Lexapro is doing its job.


Calliope said...

ok. that has got to be the coolest toy ever. It makes me even wonder if GM would enjoy something like that. Something familiar and tactile...

very cool.

How soon will you go in for your thyroid sonogram?

francesca said...

OMG I love the sandwich and little ruffle chips! And the stirfry, with the little pieces of tofu. So cute. Little vegan baby toys. "Honey, don't step on the girls' buckwheat noodles!"

I totally adore the felt food too - it started with the cupcakes but now I love the meals. Have you seen the felt bento box and breakfast at Mahar Drygoods?

Etsy is addictive - I think I bought almost all of the little Christmas presents on it. Here's a little sushi set for the little ones too:
Without the mercury levels!

I had wonky thyroid issues too, but mine was hyper -- I have something called Grave's Disease. I think there needs to be a rule against naming medical issues with such terrifying names. Almost all thyroid issues are really easily treated so I hope yours just needs a little boost (hey, we all do, from time to time).

Maybe they make little felt plush thyroids? Or little felt pills for the adults to admire? Hmm... we should tell the etsy folks to make a mint with cute antidepressant desk toys.

K J and the kids said...

Yes and buying that you are pushing carbs all over those sweet little babies. look at that HUGE bun and those CHIPS :) ha ha
very cute. I hope they play with it. My kids would MUCH rather play with a magic marker and scissors over the cute little kitchen set with matching pots and pans.


Audra said...

I LOVE Etsy!

Anonymous said...

That has to be one of the best toys ever!

Hope your thyroid thing-o goes okay. (Here we call them an 'ultrasound.')


People look at me like I am nuts when I say- yeahhh no need to buy our (future) babies plastic toys. HATE plastic crap. Never considered felt. Hmmm felt can be like an alternative to plastic like-pork- "the other white meat."

Good luck with your thyroid.

Dee said...

I LOVE the sandwich and chips! I've got to order one ASAP!

I CAN'T BELIEVE BOTH GIRLS ARE CRAWLING!!! Riley will only roll and roll and roll. Way to go Avery and Mad! You girls rock!