Monday, November 26, 2007

New and Improved

We’re back from Florida. It was nice to get away and both babies adapted well to being in a new environment and sleeping in new cribs. They were superstars. And the weather was perfect: In the 80s during the day and chilly enough at night for a sweater. I saw a bald eagle, a turtle, lots of lizards, a hawk, lots of fish, an osprey and an alligator.

Contrary to what some have said, the challenge of flying with babies did not magically erase my own fear of flying. In fact, it felt worse. I took x*nax but it does absolutely nothing for me, except make me feel sleepy. The second we hit turbulence, my stomach drops and fears of falling planes pop into my head. I am also very sensitive to pitch, so if the engine sound changes even an iota, I notice and assume it is failing. It didn’t help that on one of the legs I was seated next to a man who kept commenting how oxygen masks won’t help us it the plane is going down and that he didn’t fly after nine eleven because he didn’t want to be a human missile. Having the girls makes it a little worse because Nicole, who previously was able to hold my hand and literally talk me through it, now focuses on the baby on her lap. And because of flying regulations we can’t fly next to each other. We were across the row from each other, but it is not the same thing.

The babies were both fine on the plane. Beyond fine. Maddie slept during take off and landing, like a mini flying pro/show off. And Avery nestled contently in my arms, happy to play with my sweater or finger. It truly was a dream. With the exception of having to check a million pieces of luggage, flying with children was a great experience. I just jinxed us.

Both girls have developments. Avery has learned a new sound: The screech. Its pitch could call dolphins. She uses it to say she is happy, sad, mad, angry, tired, hungry, excited, intrigued and bored. In other words, all the time. At first it was cute but wow, it is screechy. And Maddie has cut her first tooth! It is right in front on the bottom. She has been drooling a lot but she hasn’t own any of the crankiness or discontentness usually associated with teething. She is happy as a clam, now new and improved with a tiny tooth.

It’s a dreary Monday here, compounded by the fact that I am alone again after a week plus of constant daytime company. It’s hard to adjust to, being alone again with two babies that communicate only through crying and now screeching with no one to share the day or the duties with. I’m also just plain grumpy, irrationally so, but there it is. It’s hard to climb out of these moods, especially when you feel guilty for feeling down when you know you should feel so happy for being so lucky in so many ways. Ah, the holiday season….

Pictured above, the four of us. Below that a creepy creepy doll that lives at Nicole’s parents’ house. This doll gives me nightmares. I keep imagining it coming to life at night, walking around, standing over my bed with a tiny little doll knife sculpted from eyeliner…..


calliope said...

so glad you are all back home safe & sound.

two things:
1. that doll is seriously fucking freaky
2. will you PLEASE figure out how to do ichat this week?!?!


nailgirl said...

Aww way cute picture. Glad that you had such a good time in Fla. I cant remember if you were visiting relatives or not. The doll..... beyond fucking creepy.

K J and the kids said...

Beautiful picture. Your girls really do have a lot of the same features.
That doll is freaky as shit.

Glad you had a good time. I hope your lonely feelings make their way out.

Carey said...

I agree... that doll is scary. And what is the deal about not letting you guys sit next to each other?? That seems kinda silly... who came up with those flying regulations??

JAMs Wife said...

Glad that the flights went well. I am just like you and HATE any movement or sound that the plane makes that I might think is not "normal". I wear my seatbelt the entire flight, and I have never walked on a plane while in flight (no trips to the bathroom for me!).