Thursday, March 08, 2007

Techno Babble

Today Nicole left for a business trip to Dallas. She left at 4:00 in the morning. When she leaned over to kiss me goodbye, we talked for a minute, and then the babies woke up! I would like to think they recognize her voice (she was doing most of the talking) and are responding to it, because it is too early for them to wake up and be moving. They usually stay quiet until I get up and haul myself to the bathroom (patterns!). And it is interesting: It seems like one wakes up, starts kicking, wakes up her sister and then she starts moving. I love feeling all that. It’s like a circus in my uterus. But it's strange: There are times when they are kicking away and I grab Nicole's hand and put it on my stomach and they stop. Like they got caught doing something they shouldn't. Her hand goes up and kicking resumes. I think they know that she is the disciplinarian.

The Home Invasion continues. The Contractor was supposed to be here at 10 a.m. Ha! It is almost 2:00 and no sign of him. Here we go again. But the Cable Guy is here, trying to fix our messed-up cable. We have been TV-less now for six days. I’d like to say that it doesn’t make a difference in my world, but the reality is, it does. I MISS tv, and the nightly comfort it brings me. Nicole said that we should have just stapled money to the wall instead of spending it on a TV! That cracked me up. It reminds me of that boating adage: Instead of buying a boat, just stand in a shower and rip up 100 dollar bills. Sadly, it is so true.

Nicole gave the contractor until next Wednesday to finish up. I think that is VERY generous since there are only a few things left for him to do. Another contractor could do all this in one day. I’m serious. I really can’t be here when he is working because it is just too uncomfortable for me. I could hang out in the bedroom and nap and read, but that kinda creeps me out, with him in the other room. Call me old-fashioned. So it is off to hit the streets again. It’s hard because I am still so tired. I don’t sleep well at night at all. Still the flipping back and forth all night long, till the covers are tangled and my back is aching. No wonder I need naps during the day.

Cable Guy just left to get something from his truck. He is flummoxed. He can’t figure out the problem. Great. We would switch providers in a second but they are the only company that services our building. So we are phone-less and cable-less and I wonder how long till we are internet-less. Life was easier without all this technology.

We are going up to Northampton for the weekend. The last time we were there was New Years, when I was 16 weeks pregnant. I was so zippy then! Now I will be 26 weeks. That totally throws me. I still can’t believe I am pregnant. Last time I was there I wore my first pair of maternity jeans (on January 1st). I am still wearing them (well, I have changed clothes since then…). Though it may be time to invest in a bigger pair.

Nicole still gets real estate listings from an agent up there. We postponed buying anything until I got pregnant, because who knew how long that journey would be. Now it is sorta back on the radar. Maybe next year, when life settles into a pattern. We are going to need to have a place outside the city to escape to on the weekends with these two girls. I want them to have grass and tress and mountains. I love living in the city, and can’t imagine not living here, but every once in a while, the siren call of suburbia calls to me.

All this forward thinking still scares me though: I remember being pregnant and touring houses with the agent last year. That was the ectopic. We were thinking “And this would be the baby’s room..”. I was optimistic; not ridiculously so, but just enough to even look at places. And now here we are again, farther along, bigger than before, and this time there’s a deep cut of fear. The babies' room is almost done. Cribs are bought and rug is ordered and the contractor is finsihing the door. I have no choice but to think ahead. And yet I feel like I am going to be punished with tragedy if I think optimistically.

I’m attached to these babies, and can’t wait to see their little faces. Not before at least another two months, though.

Countdown 100 days. I am still in shock.

Pictured above is Northampton in the Fall, just because.


K J and the kids said...

So you are hitting the streets huh ? The money must be good to do it 26 weeks pregnant with twins.
KILL the Contractor. Next time hire a lesbian to do the job ! What were you thinking ? :) ha ha

Is Northampton anything like Southampton ? I'm not familiar with North.

I know what it's like to be scared. Girl you are 26 are doing a fantastic job thus far. You are going to have 2 beautiful girls to call your own in no time (at least 2 months) at all. :)

To answer your questions :
Who knows if it goes back..even with exercise. Maybe you will be lucky and miss the deflated balloon look that your stomach takes on after the birth of twins. UGH !

Yes this is why doctors tell you not to put anything in there...because of me and crack whores in jail. You know...IF you're lucky enough to escape the cavity search.

K J and the kids said...

You obviously haven't seen some of the lesbians in Utah. Your description of your current contractor is almost exact :)

Sold....I need the brochure for Northampton. I can TOTALLY see my kids playing among their own. Instead we are stuck in white suburbia, home of Joseph Smith, land of the beehive, and the cricket eating, crop saving seagulls.
The most diverse and fought about item in Utah is the soccer stadium. "WHO SHOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR IT !!!" GASP !
And like everything else...they screwed that up too.
huuuu ahhhh (sigh)

Dee said...

100 days! Congrats!!

Riley does the SAME thing! She kicks, kicks, kicks and then the minute I put my hand on Shelly's tummy and she freezes. Also, I bet the do stir to Nicole's voice. Riley gets very active when I read outloud to Shelly.

It's normal, with what you've been through, to be scared. Hell, we're still scared every day. I don't think the worry will ever, ever stop!

bri said...

100 days is amazing!

nailgirl24 said...

DO you have names picked out??

Calliope said...

hope you have a fabulous weekend!