Friday, March 09, 2007

Attitude Adjustment

I’m making my morning toast and looking out the window and there, six floors below, is a message on a moving truck, of all things. Life is Beautiful, on the top of a truck. Who can see that message, other than people looking out their windows while waiting for their toast to pop up? It’s not exactly at eye level. And who decided to put that on the top of a truck, and why? It’s like it was a secret message, a little reminder, just for me. And if it wasn’t, don’t burst my bubble, because I like to visit in Fantasy Land every once in a while.

Earlier, when I woke up, I layed in bed for a few minutes. The babies were still sleeping. I started talking to them, a little light banter about the day ahead, and, lo and behold, they started kicking. Is it too much to hope that they can hear me and are responding? A conversation of sorts, through words and kicks and punches. Don’t burst my bubble if that isn’t the case. Again, Fantasy Land.

Nicole’s flight from Dallas is delayed, so I won’t see her before class tonight. And the contractor, who was supposed to begin yesterday, has yet to show up and it is almost noon on Friday. And I have four hours of classes to sit through tonight. So in the moment, life doesn’t exactly feel very beautiful. But maybe we are supposed to look at the bigger picture, the grander scale. Or the smaller scale, as in these two little babies inside me. They do indeed make life very beautiful. And they aren’t even born yet.

In honor of Photo Friday, pictured above is my favorite mug. My SIL got it for me in Japan, the land of All Things Cool. I love that there is no handle, so you can feel the warmth of the coffee on the palms of your hands. This cup has lived with me for a decade. It survived living on a boat with me for years. It survived being packed up and moving to land. Now it sits in my cabinet, waiting for the day that I can drink coffee again.


infertilepediatrician said...

That truck was absolutely meant for you! Life IS beautiful. And what's not to love about having a conversation with your girls - you talking and the girls kicking you. Hopefully communication won't be that way during the teenage years. LOL.

J-Le said...

it's not fantasy land - soak it all up, it's for real!

Dee said...

It is absolutely a positive sign. Take it! Love the mug. I think I'd love a coffee cup with no handles since that is how I like to hold my cup but the handle definitely gets in the way.

Congrats on 100 even according to your ticker! Double digits starting tomorrow! Yeah!!!

K J and the kids said...

What a great sign to start your morning.
I got an email (now prepare yourself...this is totally cheesy)
but it does help put things in perspective.

A girl is bitching about all of these bad things keep happening to her. Her mom sits and quietly listens to her while making a cake. After the girl had finished, her mother offered her some flour...the girl said no, she offered her some eggs, and salt....the girl said no they taste disgusting. Her mother continued that by themselves yes, they taste like shit...but put them all together and you get this great tasting and beautiful cake. Like life, each experience by itself can put a bad taste in your mouth. Put them together and you have this wonderful life full of promise and love.

Now sigh...ahhhhhhhh. Hallmark moment.
I hope your day is great. :)


Calliope said...

cool truck. When I lived in NYC I used to pretend I was in a sci fi movie every time I saw a "Time Mover" truck.

That mug is sooo swank.

bri said...

That makes me think of the Rufus Wainwright song, "Oh What a World" - "Wouldn't it be a lovely headline: Life Is Beautiful, on the New York Times." Ahhh....

Thanks for that.