Sunday, March 18, 2007

Kinda Somewhat Sometimes

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, which, of course, makes me very nervous. But not as nervous as I could be. I am happy that the fear isn’t quite as bad as it was in the past: Then I would worry each and every day until I laid back on that table, ripping that tissue paper to shreds and had a sonogram, which, lucky for me, was usually every two weeks. Now I can (kinda) push (somewhat) all the negative thoughts (sometimes) from my head until the day (or two days) before.

Feeling the babies move is tremendously reassuring, which, I think, in part is why I am calmer. It is almost as reassuring as a sonogram. In general, Baby A is much more active than Baby B. I think that is because Baby B has an anterior placenta, so that is absorbing most of her energy, but maybe it is a personality thing. But still, Baby A still seems like she is the kick-and-punch leader. She usually wakes up and starts moving around and then Baby B follows suit. Every once in a while, I will feel Baby B first, but that is much more rare. It’s probably too soon to call, but maybe Baby B is the calm one and Baby A is the more active one. Hopefully, we will know in a few months.

We had a relaxing weekend that involved no grad school work or contractor. Our niece Isabelle came into the city and spent the night. She’s 10. She brought with her an extra credit recipe for school that we made on Sunday morning. It was for some Danish treat called Poor Knight’s dessert, or something like that. Basically, it is bread, sugar, butter and raspberries. What could be better than that? We drove her back home to Nicole’s sister Liz’s house, where I showed Liz my belly progress. She commented that I had the linea negra. I had no idea. Nicole knew, though, and never told me. She said it happened about a week ago and assumed I knew. Not quite. I just don’t see many things on myself these days and rely on others (Nicole) to sort of keep me abreast with what is going on. Shaving is ridiculous. I just sort of guess where to shave and then start shaving. If there is something going on below my belly, I just don’t know.

A woman commented to me today that looked like was about to pop. Ha! I said I am barely 28 weeks. I have (hopefully) at least 9 more weeks. 37 weeks seems like a reasonable time to deliver. 38 is even better. 39 and 40 just seems like torture. I can’t believe I am even this far and thinking about all this.

I am also happy to report that the Snooogle—that ridiculously named pillow—is the best invention in the world. For the first time in a very long time, I actually slept without back pain. I was comfortable and content. It was the best purchase we made so far. Even Nicole noticed a difference: She said I didn’t toss and turn as much, which must be very nice for her. I can’t wait for someone else to get pregnant so I can pass on this amazing gift of a good night sleep.

By the way, right after I wrote that whole thing about Baby A and Baby B, Baby B started going crazy kicking and punching. And Baby A is not doing a thing. It’s like Baby B could read my mind and wanted to show me that I was wrong. Just goes to show that when I assume, I make an ass out of, well, me.

One more sleep until my afternoon appointment....

Pictured above is Isabelle, hard at work, and me, with wet hair, hard at work on sitting oh-so-gracefully (which is what I do best) and reviewing the recipe. If you look to the left over my shoulder you will see delicious cake, which I made on Friday and I am happy to report is still around. But not for long.


bri said...

Glad the Snoogle is being good to you! Wes can't remember the name so it's good fun to hear what weird thing pops out of his mouth when he tried to refer to it. Also good fun - seeing what he does with it during attempts to make the bed look beautiful and perfect each day. Heh.

I am loving this whole movement thing. It is as good as a Doppler. I look forward to being able to know if I'm feeling punching and kicking or head butting or butt butting or what. A long way off for me, I guess, but right now it's like something swimming by and very vague.

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow for your appt.

calliope said...

Thinking of you today. I think you look fab!
& I love that your niece has a lollypop plate!

K J and the kids said...

Blogger ate my damn comment.
Quick synopsis. You look great, the pain will take away fears as the pregnancy progresses.
I think their personalities show in how they act in utero.
My baby A, baby B, mellow. 8 months old and they are still the same.
Can't wait to hear about your appointment tomorrow.

whatthef*ck said...

how do you know who is who? do they really hang out in the same spot so you know that baby a is up and b is down or something like that? fascinating, the world of twins. can't freakin imagine having two of them in there.

9 more weeks? that's a single digit!! holy shit. i know you'd like to go 10 or 11 more but 9 being a decent option, that sounds relatively soon! easy for me to say, huh? why does 10 or 11 sound soon for you but for me it sounds like 2 1/2 or 3 months. bottom line- we are really getting there. i'm starting to think about cleaning out my garage, or supervising while rm and dad clean out the garage. nearly 28 weeks and now its starting to seem like we are likely to be havin' ourselves a baby. woah.