Monday, March 19, 2007

In the Shape of......a T

27w1d and all is well. Thank goodness. It was a long appointment, and my nervous energy increases every minute that I have to wait. I got there at 2:00 but didn’t see the doctor until almost 3:30. Then she came in and squirted the goopy blue gel on my stomach, but her phone rang and she had to take that call. Fifteen minutes later, I got what I came for: A glimpse of our two good-looking babies, with beating hearts, and their active little limbs. The babies are laying in a T-formation: One is breech, and the other is laying across on top of her. So Baby B has been active, moving herself out of the breech position that she was previously in and tucking her little body way up there. My cervix is around 4, which my doctor assures me is good for this stage of the game. I hope so. I am happy to be rounding the corner on the magical 28 weeks, but will feel even more reassurance once I get into the low 30s. And then the mid 30s. Then the upper 30s. There are no guarantees, I know, but it is amazing how time keeps marching on, no matter how much or little I worry.

The babies are getting bigger and are about as long as a magazine, so they can’t flop around as much as a singleton could because there just isn’t any room. I am not sure how it is with other twin pregnancies, but with me there has been a clear delineation between the two babies from the minute I felt movement. Baby A stays firmly to the left, in breech position, kicking my cervix all day. Baby B stays to the right in breech or tucks herself across the top in the fancy T formation. My doctor keeps assuring me that they could both flip down head first, but I don’t really see how that will happen. They seem so happy where they are. I feel their kicks and punches all over the place, but in general I can feel the difference between a hearty kick and a lighter punch.

It makes me wonder what my grandmother thought in the 1940s, when she was pregnant with twins but didn’t know it. Didn’t she feel kicks and punches all over the place? Did she just think it was one active baby? She didn’t know she had twins until she was delivering. It is amazing how far we have come since then.

I have a growth scan next Tuesday, so I will get a longer look of the babies, complete with pictures.

Pictured above is my nephew Leif a few hours after he was born. The cutest baby in the world, in my opinion. I still can’t believe I will get two of those. And that this little package is now four and half years old!


K J and the kids said...

So glad your scan went well.
I could definitely tell the difference from baby A to baby B's kicks and punches.
My boys were side by side and both stayed head down at about 30 weeks on. THANKFULLY !
I'm still amazed at the people who go to the hospital with stomach cramps and walk away with a 7-9lb baby. RIGHT ! Like you had NO idea you were pregnant. (except for the 400 lb lady....I can see how she wouldn't know)

infertilepediatrician said...

Glad to hear that girls are doing well and are already beating each other up. Fun times going on in your uterus!

calliope said...

just so you know- you can't just go posting newborn baby photos at the TOP of your posts on days when you have baby appt's!
before my eyes adjusted I had a, "holy FUCK did she have the babies???" moment.
he is pretty effing cute tho'.

bri said...

I am do glad all went well with the scan. And so glad you get to see them so much.