Thursday, February 01, 2007


This morning, around 6:00 am, while still lying in bed, Nicole felt Baby A kick! It is faint but you really can feel it if you press your hand on my stomach and sort of concentrate. She kicked about 10 times over the span of a few minutes. Baby B, in her own corner, kicked a couple times too, but it is too difficult to discern her little kicks because her placenta is between her feet and hands and my stomach. I’m so happy that Nicole can finally start to feel the little kicks inside me!

And now, another day wherein I become a refugee from my own home while the contractor comes. I am tired already. Hopefully he will do more than merely measure…..


Dee said...

Congrats on Nicole feeling Baby A move!!! Isn't it amazing! Good luck with your GC. Hope you're not paying by the hour!

UtRus said...

oooh!! that's awesome. we're about 1.5 weeks behind you. each day (actually numerous times per day) Hubs puts his hands on belly and basicaly holds his breath trying to feel. I have felt some stuff from the inside, but nothing on the outside for same reason - anterior placentas. hopefully he'll be able to feel something soon. :) hugs (and wow on the maternity bra size - that is impressive!)

Emmie said...

Hi! I just found your blog, as I'm also expecting twins after IF treatments.

Let me tell you, those first few movements you feel are awesome, but the real fun will begin in about 2 weeks when they get really strong. You and your husband will be amazed and have a blast feeling the babies move all over the place.

I hear you on the bra size. Good lord. One nice thing is that your belly will soon take your breasts' place as your largest, itchiest body part and you won't think much about them anymore.

Holly said...

How exciting!
When I felt our little guy kicking for the first time, Lois had felt him forever. It actually made me feel more of a part of the pregnancy. It's so amazing!

J-Le said...

isn't it THE BEST when your partner gets to feel it? that really made my day, the first time she got kicked by our little twinkle!