Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What Comes After DD?

I now know the answer to this question: E. I am the proud owner of a 38E maternity bra. It’s just a regular bra, in a large size, with the word “maternity” slapped onto it so they can justify jacking up the price a bit. Still, it makes a world of difference to actually have one that fits. I changes the landscape of my profile and makes me look different n clothes. What took me so long? I wore it out of the store.

I spent some time this afternoon in Destination Maternity, trying to find something to wear to Thursday night’s can’t-wear-jeans event. I still feel like such an outsider in these sort of places, like someone is going to pop up and say Silly girl, you can’t be here.

The visit wasn’t as nearly traumatic as I thought it would be. In fact, it was rather pleasant. The staff trips over themselves to help you and they are constantly asking me if I wanted water or orange juice or any help at all. I ended up buying a nice stack of stuff. Turns out maternity clothes—shirts and sweaters and skirts—feel so much better than regular clothes. Once again, I bow to the powers and comfort of elastic. And there was something about looking at myself in those mirrors that made me look more pregnant. My stomach looked huge Huge. I did just eat lunch, but still. And maternity clothes make you look pregnant. These oversized shirts I’ve been wearing just make me look thicker.

In contractor news, I came home just as the contractor was leaving. No room progress. Today was “measuring day.” In other words, today is the day when you come home and look around and say “What did he DO all day??” Measure.

One row of Somoas gone....


bri said...

How fun that we went to that store in the same week. I agree that the mirrors there make one look downright pregnant, as I have just a small bump but Wes actually said, "You've gotten bigger in, like, the last day!" He may also be right, of course. I am beginning to find myself a bit annoyed by those folks on UB who are posting things like, "Wow - 20 weeks and my pants don't fit suddenly!" Blech. I wanted this damn bump and I am going to dress it up as early as possible.

Melinda said...

Ahhhh... elastic-waisted maternity pants. I remember those days. Wait. Check that -- my baby is 4 months old and I'm still IN those days.

Shoppingsmart said...

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