Friday, February 02, 2007

And I Am Telling You...The Cysts Are Gone!

We went in for the Level II today and received the joyous news that all cysts are gone. This is such a relief, even after the good amnio results.

Naturally, it was a stressful visit. I got there before Nicole, who was stuck in traffic across town. Of course, today I get called in ten minutes early, perhaps a first in my gynecological-related office visits history. My heart dropped when I heard “Jane-ee-fah” and looked up to see Attila the Sonogram Technician with my file. Why do we keep getting her?

I walked as slowly as possible into the room (to stall for Nicole) and spent a couple minutes in the bathroom text-messaging Nicole to buy a little more time. I emerged (after flushing, for appearance’s sake) and arranged myself slowly on the table. Attila had to figure out exactly why I was there, because she refused to believe me when I said that the doctor wanted to check on the cysts. After ten minutes of independent research (computer-checking, file-flipping, talking to another technician, talking to the roaming doctor on duty) she concluded that she needed to check for cysts.

By now it was 11 on the dot and the sonogram portion began. Nicole still wasn’t there. Attila coasted the viewer around my abdomen which such speed that I wasn’t able to determine what was what or who was who or what was where. I couldn’t even tell if the babies were asleep of awake.

Questions that I asked, which she ignored, included:
“Are they moving?”
“Is that an arm?”
“Is that the leg?”
“Is that Baby A or Baby B?”
“Where exactly are both babies laying?”

Questions I asked, which she answered, included:

Me: “Is that the head?”
Her: “No.”

Me: “Does everything look okay?”
Her: “I don’t know.”

She was, as usual, all business and seemed slightly annoyed by my mere presence. But I was so grateful to see both cyst-free brains (she at least pointed that out) that I almost could overlook Attila’s atrocious behavior. Almost.

Another exchange:

Me: “Could I please get a picture?”
Her: “I’m not going to give you a face picture.”
Me: “That’s fine! Anything would be great!!” [extra sugary sweet.]

What I got is what you see on the top of this post. In other words, I have NO idea. The worst, most non-descript, ridiculous pictures I have seen in my entire life. I see a spine and some bones but I can’t make heads or tails of these things. So much for a memento of this occasion. (sorry for the awful scan job, but the pictures themselves were tow different sizes).

And that was that. Nicole rushed in at 11:07 and the whole thing was already done. I felt so awful because Nicole looked extremely disappointed. Crestfallen might actually be the better word; she literally deflated when she say me rising from the table. She was looking forward to the baby-viewing. Another technician would have turned the machine back on for Nicole and given her a glance (after all, I was still undressed and the exam just ended). Not Attila. She was already back in her cave-like area ignoring me and willing me to leave.

I had to occupy myself out of the contractor’s way till class tonight so I went to see Dreamgirls (ehh…but worth it if only to hear/see “And I am telling you”) and in the process, panicked my friend Jen who couldn’t get in touch with me and thought something awful happened. She also left a message for Nicole in a desperate attempt to make sure All Was Fine. So while I quietly celebrated a cyst victory, she sat at home assuming the worst. So I felt awful for the second time today!

I had class tonight, and came home to a semi-dark apartment. The slacker I mean contractor managed to blow a massive fuse and knock out the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen power. And various other needed electrical outlets. He has to come in tomorrow to fix this electrical nightmare. In better news, the wall is framed and studded, with one piece of sheetrock. At least it is starting to look like a room. Or the bones of a room.

One final note: My online research told me to expect the cysts to stick around till they were 24 weeks. Our girls kicked them to the curb before week 21. Our baby girls are overachievers.


Infertilepediatrician said...

Wow, this is such great news! Now even more reason (besides the amnio results) to try to start enjoying this pregnancy!

Twin girls are my dream and since right now I'm living my dreams through you, I'm super excited for you.

three minute palaver said...

Thank goodness all the cysts are gone. What fabulous news for you to hear. Congratulations & wishing you a typical, safe and smooth time until you deliver these gorgeous girls of yours.

bleu said...

Hi, am so upset with that tech. You have got to refuse her, you are allowed. You are also allowed to demand that you know what is on the screen and have your questions answered. the tech may not supposed to discuss a dx but they can certainly say where each baby is and what is head, bum, leg etc. I urge you to call the office and ask for a manager and discuss it with them and say in no uncertain terms you will not be put through the stress and anguish of that tech again. You also have the right to demand they wait for your partner. You do not deserve what you have been being put through and I promise speaking up will make you feel better.
Good luck


Dee said...

I am SOOOO happy for you. It actually brought a tear to my eye. I'm so, so, happy. We have an appt. with the Fetal Heart Specialist next week and I'd love to have the same results. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

Carey said...

What wonderful news for you guys!! And seriously... I am really over the asshole tech!! Why do people act like that??? I would also complain about her and refuse to see her again.

K J and the kids said...

CONGRATULATIONS ! I am so happy that you received good news.
I am so sorry that you are having such a bad time with your tech. I recommend speaking up as will probably be getting several more ultrasounds through out this pregnancy (most twin pregnancies are considered high risk) especially toward the end of your pregnancy. You will not want to deal with Attila every time.

I am so happy for all of you.

lagiulia said...

Awesome news! One less thing to worry about. I am so happy for you all.

bri said...

I am so happy for you on the cyst issue!

And sorry about the contractor crap.

And terrified that I am going to get Attila on Tuesday.

maeby said...

I'm sorry that you had that awful tech (AGAIN). One would think that someone who goes into such a career field would have SOME compassion & perhaps like people. But maybe that's just me.

And double extra SQUEEEEE for the excellent cyst-free news!

Calliope said...

wooo hooo for kicking the cysts ASS (um, you know, if cysts had asses...)

SO lame about the Atilla involvement. That sucks.

whatthef*ck said...

oh i HATE the bad u/s technician but thank god she gave you good news! so glad to hear about your over-achieving, cyst-free daughters!!

Infertilepediatrician said...

Where did you go Jennifer? It's not like you to not post for 4 days? Just checking in on you.