Monday, September 22, 2008

Welcome to The Grapes of Wrath: 2008 Edition

Today is officially the first day of fall, which makes me very happy. This past week it has been downright chilly in the morning, so much so that I need to bring a sweatshirt with me on my morning pre-sunrise walk to the gym. The girls need to wear socks when we go out and usually long sleeves. And, best of all, no more air conditioning. That should help keep our electric bill down. Our electric bill is about $100 more a month than last year. Pathetic.

We spoke with our justice of the peace last night to go over details. We need to decide what to be pronounced: Should she say I now pronounce now legally married? Or wife and wife? Or woman and wife? Or partners for life? Nicole leans toward legally married, which seems very much her: Straight and to the point. I lean toward none of the options, of course, because they all sound so imposter-like, when you have spent 36 years hearing “husband and wife” and, more hideously, “man and wife.” So we need to work out some of these little details, but the bigger decisions, like date (October 24th) and place (gazebo at Look Park) are done. I’d also like to hire a photographer to take a few pictures, so if anyone in that area knows of any photographers (professional or otherwise: I’m fine with a hobbyist with a good camera and a good eye, too) please let me know.

I am beginning to reach political saturation and a starting to think who cares who wins this election. I can’t shake the feeling that regardless of who is in the oval office, nothing will change and I will still get the short end of the stick. Both candidates talk about tax breaks, but both also agree that those who make above a certain amount (us) will have to pay more taxes (great). So no matter who is in the office, we will pay more. Neither candidate make any promises to more equality for me and my family, but both make very vague promises to not take away more rights.

There was an article this Sunday about how almost 100 percent of LIRR retirees receive copious disability benefits (whether they are disabled or not). I hear stories all the time about able-bodied people who ate collecting disability. There is a report today about how NYC pays 74 million a year for teachers who don’t have to work. This 700 billion dollar bailout plan? Are you kidding me? And how about that tidbit that former Goldman CEO and now secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson, who has 800 million dollars in Goldman stock. Don’t you think he has a very personal interest in keeping these banks afloat?? 800 MILLION. Think he is objective? Hmmm, what a coincidence, as the Church lady used to say. And McCain was the chairman of the Senate banking Committee, the very same committee that apparently approved a lot of the actions that got us into the mess we are in today.

Everything and everyone seems corrupt. I know this isn’t the most mature attitude, but today I just feel like it is all bullshit and everyone sucks. Every day huge news bombs are dropped on us; each one deserving of its own Time Magazine Special issue.

I feel like one needs an MBA to understand what is going on. So allow me to direct you to Nicole’s Brand New, Hot Off the Presses blog. Alas, she has no cute pictures, but she does have an MBA and a very down-to-earth way of explaining the mess we are in.

Pictured above, our visit to the community garden over the weekend, which you won’t see on Nicole’s blog. Not liek I am competitive or anything.


Tattooed Mamma said...

We chose to use "you are now legally married". You're right, it does sound vaguely imposterish, but it will still bring tears to your eyes when you hear it.

calliope said...

I am SO right there with you on politics. I just can't read any more or watch anything else about it. It is depressing and sad and like you I just feel doomed no matter who wins. (although I feel less doomed with a Dem.)

I have decided to unplug from politics for the rest of the week and only plug back in for the debates.

SO SO SO exciting to hear more wedding plan stuff.


calliope said...

p.s. Nicole's blog is great! I tried to leave a comment there but the "who can comment"options are limiting...

bleu said...

What about legally united?

Fiona said...

We changed it to "united in marriage"

Kerry Lynn said...

I was totally serious about doing photos for you.
You can see my website at be sure to check out the blog so you can see my current projects.
feel free to email me and we can discuss details. I don't have anything like this on my price list so we'll have to agree on something.

In the following link are albums of my personal pictures. My sister in law and brother in law both got married this year so you can see what shots I got at their weddings.

I tried to google the location and couldn't find anything but it sounds absolutely beautiful.

Amy B. said...

Florence is lovely and Look Park is such a nice place - excellent pick!

I totally recommend taking the girls for breakfast to the Miss Florence Diner during your trip - It is ADORABLE!

I'm so excited about your upcoming nuptials!

psapph0 said...

We went with "legally married." Those were the only two words that really mattered.

CD and SP said...

Our JP said "I now pronounce you married, partners in love and life." At the wedding I went to this weekend (a hetero one, but), the minister said "I now present to you for the first time as a married couple.." and then said our friends' names. I thought it was nice without all that misogynistic crap!