Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Should be Writing About My Melancholy Instead

I feel sorry for Sarah Palin. She was Messiah-fied by the media after her first speech and now she is being crucified, even by members of her own party. Politics aside, I think of her as another woman, a mother, who struggles to balance family and work, who wonders if she looks good or bad, who thinks she needs to have a date night with her husband, who worries about her health and her family and her eating habits and her retirement. I may not agree with her at all politically, but at the end of the day, she is a sleep deprived mother (of a new baby, no less, and a teenage daughter who is pregnant), a wife, a daughter and a friend who is just trying to live her life.

Thursday’s debate is going to be huge. One of two things will happen: Either she will crash and burn in a monumental way, SNL-fodder way, making even Dan Quayle look like a genius, or she will rise to the occasion in an unbelievable way, thus making her and McCain’s election inevitable. I am still not clear why McCain chose her, since she is so lacking in experience. Yes, she runs a state, if you will, but let’s be frank: It’s not like she closes her door, sits in a big, wing-backed leather chair and rules (for some reason, Dr. Claw, the evil guy in Inspector Gadget, comes to mind). She is surrounded by her own entourage of aides, policy experts, panels, analysts, assistants and department heads, who help guide her and make decisions. When all else fails, she can rule by the doctrines of her political party. (Gay marriage? Deny! Less social welfare programs? Pass!) I don’t want to sound too na├»ve, by I truly believe that almost anyone can rise in politics under this paradigm.

Where else but in American can a poor student, heavy drinker, born again baseball fan rise to the highest political office in the country? Oh, that’s right, he is from a wealthy, white, politically connected family. Bush has lowered the bar, so maybe Palin does have a shot.

I feel like we are all learning a lot this election season, and it isn’t all that pretty. I also learned how to properly pronounce Nevada (Na-vaaad-duh, instead of Na-vah-duh and Pock-eeeee-Stahn instead of Pack-eh-stan). All these years, I have been sounding like an ignorant fool.

So Congressed overruled a 700 billion bailout (by the way, I read somewhere that “bailout” is leaving a sour taste in everyone’s mouth. A little spin, like “economic recovery plan” might inspire rather than divide)., and instead we lost 1.2 trillion dollars. 1.2 trillion, which looks like 1, 200,000,000,000 (quadrillion comes after 100 billion, because how soon until we start talking about deficits in the quadrillions?). We are in such deep shit. It makes me long for Little House on the Prairie days, when you paid for things cash on the barrel (what an evocative image) and didn’t live in credit card debt and in credit hell. No one own anything anymore. Cars, homes, even the clothes and food we all buy is on credit. (see new poll at right.)

Bush is making another short speech for us today? Why?? Shouldn’t he be speaking to Congress instead? Or helping develop a deal that makes everyone a little happier? After all, HUNDREDS of congressmen and women refused to pass the deal, from both parties. But Bush wants to tell us once again how shitty everything is and how important this is. Thank you, Master of the Obvious.

By the way, America Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld was incredibly good. Read it now.

Anyway, this post isn’t supposed to be about politics or bailouts . But I have run out of time, as the girls are both up and talking to each other, which means my alone time is winding down. They had their 15 month appointment recently and they weight 24 (M) and 26 pounds (A). They are such little toddlers now. They love to “read” books, especially ones with flaps that need to be lifted. Avery can hiss like a snake and likes to say hi to things like ceiling fans and animals on the street, but won’t say hi to people. Madeline has huge feet (long and wide) and still loves collecting like items and moving them from place to place, I would love to see her daily To Do list. They are the lights in my life and the drainers of my energy.

Pictured above, the little ladies.


calliope said...

well THERE you are. I have been missing you. lots.

I have been trying to pull back from the politics as it was making me insane. I have a feeling I will be throwing things at my tv thursday night.

Reading American Wife right now. Am just at the end of the Chicago trip she took with her Grandmother. holy shit!

but seriously- are you ok? I worry when you get quiet.

Keely said...

If focusing on politics is a soothing distraction from more melacholic thoughts (rage can sometimes usefully displace melancholy for me), Rebecca Traister did a characteristically brilliant article on the "poor Sarah" thought: http://www.salon.com/mwt/feature/2008/09/30/palin_pity/
I do feel bad for her, largely because I can empathize with the horrible feeling of "I'm in over my head"-- I've interviewed for jobs that I knew were beyond me and it is not fun when you get caught out.
But even so, I knew that no one bu me had put me in the hotseat. (Once I literally rose from my interview chair to see I had left a sweat-slicked panic-produced butt-print on the pleather chair.)

Warm thoughts to you & all your girls...

Michelle said...

I also feel sorry for Sarah Palin. Watching that interview with Katie Couric, I empathized - it reminded me of times at my job when I was in a meeting and in over my head and found myself just making shit up and wanting to vanish on the spot. It's a painful place to be. And I also imagine how sleep deprived she must be, with a new baby and life on the campaign trail. I can't imagine being in those shoes. Even though I disagree with virtually every position she takes and it makes me so angry that we have the second woman ever on a major party ticket for president and she is so resoundingly unqualified for the job. This is the best McCain could do? But I digress.

amy said...

i'm actually impressed to be part of the majortiy in this poll. sadly it in no way reflects what's happening in the "real world". and those of us with no debt will surely be the big losers when all is said and done in this economic debackle!

K J and the kids said...

I love your polls.
I also agree with your post down to the Little House on the Prarie comment :)
I would LOVE to live on a farm and have no pesticides in my food..know where it's all grown and raised and how the animals are treated. No debt or TV or media or politics....oh who am I kidding...these politics and money problems have all but killed the farmers.

Any ways...if I find some chunk of land, I will let you have a piece for your family :)

Anonymous said...

I could give two hoots about politics, your children are beautiful.

amy said...

i tried voting on the car poll but it doesn't seem to be recording my vote for some reason. just wanted to let you know it may not be functioning properly...