Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ladies and...Well, More Ladies, I think We Have a Winner

Presenting, the almost-certain site of Nuptials 08. It is a gazebo, which is obvious, in Massachusetts in Look Park, which is not as obvious. We really like this location and think it will be beautiful in the fall. Plus it is covered, so should the weather be inclement, we will have cover. There are little seats along the inside for Madeline and Avery to not sit on.

Making a semi-decision makes it all seem semi-real.

Also, discussions of the after party, to be held in November, have started. We have a couple of ideas floating around. To be honest, I was a little shocked that Nicole wanted to go all-out. Well, not all out, but she presented a budget much bigger than I intended. Seriously, I was picturing something way laid back. One thing I really want to include is having a photographer set up to take portraits. Like when you are on a cruise ship. With the right lighting and right set up and right camera, most of the pictures will come out great. I love the idea of collecting family and friends portraits! Plus they might like it too. I also wanted one of those old-fashioned photo boots, but that might be pushing the picture angle too far.

Pictured above, El Gazebo. Also pictured, Madeline and Avery practicing snacking (on raisons and cranberries) on benches in the park. The park in our neighborhood, that is.


K J and the kids said...

It's gonna be goy-gous !
Speaking of gorgeous, how cute are those two little angels !

Malea said...

The site looks cozy and very Robinhood and maid marionish:) Have you picked out the girls outfits yet?

Since Nicole is getting into the grove of things will she be all decked out with a different look:D

*will fallen leaves be a problem?

MsPrufrock said...

Oh, that looks lovely. I can imagine how gorgeous it would be in the autumn particularly.

I've noticed in the last few posts that the girls are looking so old! That sounds like an insult, but they are definitely so...toddlerish! Adorable, as always of course.

Meredith said...

Looks beautiful! I grew up in the Boston area, but when I visited my grandparents in Springfield, they sometimes took us grandkids to Look Park. I loved it! Congrats on finding a place. Once that's done the planning can really begin. Yay!

Lynnbug said...

It looks perfect! I love the whole gazebo thing. And I bet in the fall it will be full of color and beauty.

calliope said...

wow. That place has such a nice feel to it. Love it!
Please wave as you fly over. I so wish you guys were coming to my town!!

CCB said...

Look Park! Great choice! Our good friends got married there two years ago and it was BEAUTIFUL!

CD and SP said...

yay! glad that is going to work out! looks beautiful.

Anonymous said...

congrats! i would have a backup plan. has it been dry there? a little rain and there may not be a tree in sight.