Thursday, August 21, 2008

If There Were a Gold Medal in Anxiety....

We leave for Florida in a week and the flying fear has set in already. For me, this is par for the course: A week or so before and I start to get anxious, which manifests itself in myriad ways, not the least of which that I am just in a sour mood.

And I am annoyed at how inconvenient it is. Flying, that is. We drive ourselves and park in long-term parking because we aren’t going to lug car seats down with us (and Nicole won’ take a car service without car seats/we bought car seats to leave at my in law’s in FL). And getting though security, having to take the girls out of their strollers and take off their little shoes. Once the girls taste freedom, they are more than a little reluctant to go back into the stroller jail. And then trying to gather our carry-on’s and shoes and strollers and computers and bags before there is a bag pile up on the security belt. It isn’t the most stress-less thing we have done. Then it’s an interminable terminal wait. And then, after we go through all that, I am all sweaty palmed and scared and practically in tears as we board. And should the plane hit any turbulence at all, my heart goes into overdrive.

But once we are down there, it will be very nice. I love going to the YMCA because I am the youngest person there and I feel like an Olympic athlete.

I think wedding panic is ingrained in humandkind because why else would be in a panic mode right now? I mean, we are having the world’s smallest ceremony! There are very few details o worry about. And yet I am in a panic mode. I even went out dress shopping today. I didn’t find a dress but I found a beautiful cable knit cashmere light pink sweater. I have no idea what I’ll end up wearing, since it is outdoors and in late October. It could be freezing! But, just like the stress of vacation planning, it is a good sort of stress. Sort of. The kind that makes me do rash things, like drive up to Northampton over the weekend to secure a site.

To the commenter who asked about naps: The 9/1/6:30 arrangement was working quite well for us, like it was for you. Now they get up around 7:30. We go for a walk and play and have breakfast and then it is naptime around 10. If they sleep until 1, then it’s lunch and walk and play, followed by quiet crib time around 3:30 till 4:15. And bedtime is still at 6:30. My advice to you is to not try to keep them up till 1:00! Put them down for a morning nap at 10ish and see how long it lasts. If it is only an hour or so, then just let them have an afternoon nap too. The book we follow says the 10 am nap will gradually nudge to 10:30 then 11:00 and noon and then 1:00. So they will gradually get up and stay up till 1ish and nap then. At least that is what we are hoping!

Pictured above, delicious little girls!


Malea said...

Jennifer when they first started the whole heighten security at the airports I would stress too. My stomach would hurt and my hands would shake. I so didn't want to set off an alarm that would make people look at me and think I was a crazy By the time I got where I was going I was so spent I couldn't do anything that first day but lay down and rest.

It ruined the little excursions I spent so much time planning and cost me at least one day .So now I don't care, I get to the airport ahead of time after a good nights sleep. I expect the worst everytime just so I'm excited when things go smoothly and quick.

This last time all my stuff piled up on the belt and block others things.People had to walk around me to pass through the scanner and I didn't care.Let them look and talk ,because I was going to enjoy my trip and arrival if it killed us all. I had to take my belt off and earrings because I kept setting off the alarm. TSA were nice about it and I just laughed it off.After it was all clear I took my time and put myself back together:) The plane wasn't going to leave without me.

Check as much as you can and you and NIcole go practically naked.The kids can wear just a diaper.Hee See! There's a solution to it all.

The dress you buy could be one that comes with a cropped jacket[mostly sleeves and very little jacket] or you could buy one that you can wear. imo it's not rash to drive to secure a site.You want to see it first right? There is such a thing as good anxiety from all the excitement of making the public declaration of your love for each other.Have you thought about blonde highlights in your hair instead of coloring it?

You could just avoid the whole planning by hiring a wedding planner,but you might not get that personal touch.

ms.bri said...

There are car services with car seats (usually about $5 extra per seat). We did that last time we went to CA since my parents have a seat there. We plan to use a different service next time because the car seat they brought was dubious in the age and safety department. But we will definitely try again. It was tremendously more convenient than parking in the longterm lot and shlepping.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nap advice. 10 was actually the latest I could keep them up this week, but I've been waking them after an hour and then putting them down around 2/2:30 to try and get an afternoon nap because I was afraid they wouldn't sleep long enough in the morning to allow for skipping the later nap. Yesterday we got a nice 1 1/2 hour afternoon nap. Today they were rubbing their eyes at 9, so down they went. I think it is going to be a slow transition for us. Of course, it is the control freak in me that HATES any type of change or uncertainty, but I guess I'll have to try and go with the flow until we're doing one solid afternoon nap. I am just so inflexible - my mom always tells me to be a willow, not an oak. I think it will have to be my mantra for naps.

We actually just took our two to Florida to my parents house and I wanted to warn you that flying with toddlers is akin to waterboarding for the parents :) We did not purchase seats for them, perfering to keep them on our laps, and it was a big mistake. Not sure if you have seats for the girls, but I would recommend it, and bring their carseats (even though your inlaws have some) so they can get comfy and (hopefully) sleep. By the grace of God we were fortunate to get an empty middle seat on our row and switch with another passenger to get the whole row for our family, so it did give us a little wiggle room. They were so squirmy, would not sleep,and were only content walking the aisles. We even flew at night hoping they'd sleep as they are super scheduled sleepers, but all the excitement made them wired. My husband said next time we're going to bring portable DVD players, but my kids will only watch about 2 mintues of TV at a time right now so not sure if that would help us. Maybe that would work for you? I'm not trying to get you anymore freaked out about flying, but hoping to make your experience a little better than ours was. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

I think you would look stunning in this. It suites your beautiful clavicle, is not too fancy, can be made shorter and has a wrap that goes with it for cooler weather.

suz said...

My daughter is just a few days older and we got to the point where if she would take a morning nap then she refused an afternoon one. So we moved the afternoon nap up and it seems to have worked out pretty well.