Friday, July 18, 2008

It's Bulk Shopping Day and Yes, That excites Me

First, the delicious Northampton donuts came from Atkins Farm market. Those cream-filled ones (vanilla and chocolate) are amazing. Their cider donuts are out of this world. Nicole and I once picked up a bag for Annie and Nancy but ate the entire bag on the car drive back to NYC. We had the best of intentions.

We are off to New Jersey to shop like it is the End of Days. I am meeting up with my sister in law and heading to BJs and the food store and Bed Bath and Beyond and maybe other suburban delights. I will pack the car to the gills and then somehow drive home and unload it all and get the girls in bed in time for their afternoon nap. I love a challenge.

On Wednesday night I went to the Billy Joel Shea Stadium concert with my brother and Leif. Leif was so adorable. He brought a portable telescope to look at the moon! How cute is that?? I said to him that I was excited to share his first concert with him and he said “Is this your first concert too?” Cute. I then told him that his daddy and I used to listen to Billy Joel when we were his age. The Glass Houses album I remember explicitly. I must have been eight or so. Leif let me sing to him and hold his hand and he shared his Cracker jack with me. We ended the evening by running full speed down the ramp.

I felt very, very, very old because during “New York State of Mind, “ a guest joined Billy on the stage. It was Tony Bennett. My brother jabs his finger toward the stage, which is about 6 miles away from our nosebleed seats and says “That’s Tony Bennett!!!” He was excited. This, my brother, who loves classic rock and Led Zeppelin and The Dead and that sort of stuff was excited to see Tony Bennett. The younger Keith might have feigned insouciance, at the very least, even if there was a deep-seeded interest in Tony Bennett. Older us can’t help but show our appreciation for older crooners.

But how fun was it to be in a giant stadium for a concert like that?! I had a great time. The audience cheered when he sang “Oyster Bay” during Billy the Kid (that is the town next to the one I grew up in). We left early because Leif is five and neither Keith nor I wanted to battle mass exodus of a stadium-sized crowd all trying to leave at the same time. Besides, he has tickets for tonight’s show as well.

Avery is full-on climbing up chairs, couches and low tables to reach toys or laps. Nicole says this is a milestone. I am still waiting for them to kiss. I was devastated to see that the lovely Beckett, who is a full two moths younger than the girls, kisses on command. I ask for kisses and the girls just look a me blankly. And Avery still points at the ceiling fan when I ask where is Momma. It occurs to me that I should be spending more time teaching them things, but so far, I am enjoying their learning via osmosis. Very easy for me, them having these sponge-like brains.

I must have some secret, hidden desire to turn Nicole into the size of a house because my latest obsession is making her milkshakes. I like a milkshake every now and then but in general they are no temptation for me. But I really enjoy experimenting with making them. Last night I made a peanut butter one that was really good. I was proud because I made up the recipe myself. I have one planned for tonight as well. I also made a strawberry version and a chocolate version, using some Max Bennet chocolate powder and vanilla ice cream.

I just discovered that Nine Inch Nails make for a great running soundtrack. And Prince’s Let’s Go Crazy seems to be my standard pace.

Pictured above, Madeline loved playing with Beckett, who was winsome and charming. Avery stared at him for a while but eventually warmed up to him. The next day she took to pushing her toys around a la Beckett!


Lynnbug said...

Cider Donuts? Those sound really good but I have never had one. I dont think they sell them around here. Good thing I guess. I would probably love them and eat like 6 at one time!

Lynnbug said...
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K J and the kids said...

Love me some cream filled doughnuts.


Kathleen said...

Thanks so much for the donut info. Earlier today I was thinking about it really hard and came to the conclusion they were probably from Atkins. I've seen them there in the past, but this donut habit is a postpartum thing. Well, if 10.5 months out still counts as postpartum. Will check them out soon. Thanks!

ps My baby offers her favorite food, freeze dried mango, to the ceiling fan but looks at me like I'm crazy if I suggest sharing with me.

kate said...

such cute pictures!

Oh, by the way, my blog is no longer invite-only...i have been meaning to do that for some time ;)