Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bringing Back Gatsy Era, One Seersucker Dress At A Time

Project Seersucker is in effect! My searches for the perfect seersucker dress for me turned up not so much. They were either really dowdy (to the ankles with big collars…wtf?) or way too deconstructed and modern (Nordstroms). I was wallowing in Brooks Brothers, trying to make myself like the seersucker dress they had (I didn’t), which was the closest to normal I could find, and swallow the ridiculous price (I just couldn’t). Thanks for the Target recommendation. It was brilliant! I found a really cute dress at a really, really reasonable price (forty dollars!) I bought two (in two sizes) and will have to return whichever one doesn’t fit well. It’s a spaghetti strapped with a boat-collar and A-line skirt. The skirt part will fit fine, since it is A line, but the bust is always an issue. I don’t want it too tight because porn-star cleavage is not appropriate at my nephew’s communion. I guess I need to dig out my strapless bra. When was the last time I did that? Nicole already has seersucker pants and jacket. So we are set!

Except for, what shoes does one wear with seersucker? All I have are black heels, flip flops and my ultra-comfy fuzzy lined Lands Ends shoes. And rain boots. Seriously, I have NO idea. And there is no way I am wearing white shoes. So what do I wear?

People all the time comment that Avery looks like Nicole. And she really does. I think Nicole has very defined, striking features, and Avery seems to have that same look about her, the lucky little monkey. She has distinctive eyebrows and eye color. Everything about Avery reminds me of Nicole; not a carbon copy but a really good knock-off. We were talking the other day about the girls’ Armenian heritage. They are 100 Armenian from the donor’s side and I said that they are 25 percent Armenian on Nicole’s side so that is 75 percent…until Nicole interrupted my thought process to point out they don’t biologically share her heritage. In my head, we created these babies together. Oh, right, that is not biologically possible. It is strange how the mind plays tricks on you.

Madeline is now becoming a Professional Stander, like Avery. She is a little wobbly and can’t stay up without holding on to something for more than maybe ten seconds but it is a step. I was thrilled and she was clearly nonplussed by my hysterically happy reactions whenever she stood on her own. She has also taken to crawling over to me when I am on the floor and nuzzling for about five seconds. She will just lay her head on my chest or neck and just smile and make happy noises. Avery, on the other had, came over to me yesterday and bit my belly button hard enough to leave a mark! Well, that’s not entirely fair: Avery always comes over to us when we are on the floor to stand near us and interact. She is such a little people person, which is a relief because at first it seemed like she did not like people at all.

I dragged myself to the gym again. In the end, it is worth it, because my energy throughout the day is much better. But it is so hard to get out of the cozy bed and get dressed in my workout clothes and walk through the deep dark and cold morning to the gym. And sometimes it seems so futile. I have seen the same gym-goers for years now at the two gyms I have been a member of in my neighborhood. A lot of people at my old gym go to my new gym. And for years now, they look exactly the same. No weight gain or loss at all. Well, maybe there is, but to the naked eye, they look exactly the same. So you have to wonder is it worth it? All this waking up early and going to work out? I know the answer is yes, because the energy I get throughout the day is important and we all know that every doctor, report and research paper says that we humans need at least a half hour of exercise a day. But still, when I am on the treadmill sometimes can’t help but to feel like it is a big metaphor.

Pictured above, the dress from Target! And pictured below, exercise equipment for toddlers. A bit young isn't it? Can you picture a three-year-old going 45 minutes on an exercise bike that goes nowhere? If this bike was for rehabilitation purposes of developmental purposes, I'd get it. But the catalog I saw it in was billing it as exercise equipment for toddlers. Next up, kindergartner marathoners.


Anonymous said...

Love the dress! And yeah, the exercise equipment is a little over the top. I admit, my son has the "smart cycle", so at least he is learning his alphabet while he rides, and burning off some 4 yr. old energy! What happened to old fashioned playing outside?

calliope said...

cute as hell dress. As for shoes I think fun navy flats would work.

off topic: just checked out the Almost Moon to read this weekend. It might bring me to the point where I can write about the stuff that I need to.


K J and the kids said...

LOVE the dress.
I think you find some white heels with blue accents. Maybe some espadrille's.
Either'll be the belle of the ball ! :)

Anonymous said...

I vote for flip flops. As for the gym, try this for some motivation in terms of hanging around a long time for your kids.
Thomas Perls is the princip. investigator for the New England Centenarian Study. The longevity calculator is based on some impressive genetic, medical and social science research. So -- how many years/months will you add on by going to the gym?
Blue Pearl

Meredith said...

I couldn't resist looking up seersucker on Zappos. I had no idea Tretorn was still around, but they are, and they make seersucker sneakers! Super cute, but obviously not appropriate. :)

francesca said...

Oh I'm so glad to see Project A.M. Seersucker in full force. I was worried you'd think it was ridiculous that I was serious about it, but so glad to know you were too!

Yeah, deconstructed seersucker is so not the point!! I found a few other really cute ones, but couldn't find an email address to send them to and didn't want to clog your comment box :-)

If the size up is too big on the chest, you can always get it taken in a little. At $40 there is room for minor tailoring!

Shoes... navy flats as Cali says, or espadrilles like KJ says (white or just neutral would work). Or a really neutral light- or medium-brown low peep-toe heels. She has those on in the photo and they're cute. Plus, if it's chilly or you're feeling too va-va-voom, you can wear a matching wrap. Considering I wear jeans and black hoodies everyday, this is some serious fashion wagering. But my sis is the uber-fashionista so I've been well educated ;-)

the people request a Project A.M. Seersucker completion photo!

We could do a Nike ipod running challenge sometime! It's easy to set up on the Nike+ site. Keep us honest without being about literal pounds.

Linda said...

Very cute dress. I vote for some sort of flips flops. I think that seersucker is meant to "casual". Summer/breezy are what comes to mind.
On a side note. I'm surprised at the results of your "doin' it" poll.I seriously thought that I would be in the lower percentile, but I'm not, yeah!!!


UtRus said...

i think that dress calls for espadrilles, and I found some for you:

what do you think?

Also, i LOVE the five-second nuzzle. it is the absolute best.

Anonymous said...

the twinkle nuzzled me for the first time today and it rocked!
we have had countless conversations about whether the twinkle will inherit k's red hair. biologically impossible, but seems so logical.

Jen said...

I googled "shoes to wear with seersucker dress" because I bought the same dress in white/grey stripes and have no idea what to get! I love the espadriles UtRus sent you, but since I got the grey dress instead of the navy one, I'm still at a loss! What did you decide?

Anonymous said...

i bought the gray version, and am wearing it with low gray pointed toe heels (about 1/4 inch tall) & matching clutch. white bracelet & white earrings.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I was looking for Hair and was wondering if Charlotte Russe is the best designer for Hair?

Heather said...

Does anyone still have this seersucker dress from Target? I've been looking all over for one, and found this blog post online. I LOVE the dress, but can't find anything nearly as cute! Would any of you that have this dress be willing to sell it? Blue or Gray...???

Heather said...

Oh and my email is heathereves@hotmail .com