Friday, April 04, 2008

Rain, Habits, Calcium, Bedtime, Lasagna, Shoes

Another dreary, rainy, gray, damp April-showers day. Even still, I made it to the gym this morning, which usually is a good sign that I am back on track. To keep me on task I created an Excel chart, like the kind you make for toddlers who are potty training, with ten columns of things I should be doing every day but am not, at least not consistently. Things like drinking two Nalgenes of water, taking my vitamin, flossing, going to the gym and taking my calcium supplement. You would think that I could manage taking my vitamin ever day but I don’t. I didn’t yesterday, or the day before. My days whirl by and things like that end up on the wayside because sometimes getting up from the couch to get a vitamin seems like too much effort. The point system might seem silly, but I like the idea of striving toward something, even if it is a meaningless number. A row of checks is not enough, but a “7” or a “9” is. I think that says a lot about my personality. But I really believe the theory that it takes three to four weeks to create a habit, both good or bad, so this will help me make sure taking calcium supplements are habitual.

But even with the extra dose of gym energy, it is still hard getting through the day. The girls usually go to bed around 6:30 p.m., without issue, but last night, and a few nights recently, they clearly did not like that plan and screeched in their room until we caved and emancipated them. It has happened enough that we wonder if they are leaning toward a later bedtime.

Last night we let the happy little monsters play in the living room for a while then put them down around 7:30 and they just rolled over, closed their eyes and went to sleep. That’s all well and good for them, because they have unending stores of energy, but that makes my day a l-o-n-g 14 hours. I am trying to make sure I am in bed by 9:00 so that gives me just over an hour of quiet time, which really isn’t enough.

On a side note, Avery ate almost an entire adult-size piece of spinach lasagna for lunch yesterday. She loves it! And Madeline ate raviolis. They also had blueberry waffles for the first time and they were a hit. The more adult food they eat, the easier it is to feed them, but the harder it is to change their diapers without a Haz-Mat crew.

Thanks for all of the shoe suggestions. I am so shoe-backwards that I swear I never even thought of navy shoes. Navy, which would match the navy seersucker. Yes, I am that clueless. I would have stood in the mirror in black heels wondering why it just doesn’t look right. I have never enjoyed shoes or shoe shopping, I think in part because my feet are so big and extra wide. They are size 10 (or nine and a half, sometimes, depending on the shoe) but the wideness makes it hard to find shoes that fit. Clogs and flip-flops are my friends and I tend to wear them a lot. In the summer, I wear almost nothing but flip-flops, until someone told me that I could ruin my feet that way. I am going to wait for the dress to come (it shipped yesterday) and then try to get out hopefully this weekend to find a pair.

Pictured above, the smug Miss Madeline, who enjoy another round of playtime after bringing her mommies to their knees with her extra-high pitched screeching. Clever girl. And that thing she is playing with is their new walker. Both of them have made it across the living room pushing it. The both are staking steps when they hold onto our hands or furniture but haven’t made the leap yet to doing it on their own.


suz said...

My daughter is just a few days older than your girls and I'm trying to add in more table food but somewhat stumped for ideas so I confess I do read your blog partly to see what your girls are eating!

How did you serve the ravioli and lasagna? I think I tend to be overly concerned about choking and cut things in too small of pieces which she then can't pick up.

K J and the kids said...

Sounds like you have 2 very good eaters there.

SIX O'clock. That is AMAZING. I have never been able to put my boys to bed before 8 pm. however...they do sleep until 7 or 8 the next morning.
I've always envied those of you who get your kids to bed early enough to spend time together.

calliope said...

recipe for spinach lasagna please.

SJayneI said...

Ok, I'm stealing the chart idea. There are so many things that I neglect to do around here for myself it's pathetic. I think this will work!!

Anonymous said...

try zappos for shoes - they do have a pretty good wide selection (although none were wide enough for me when I was pregnant). Shipping is free, even for returns.

francesca said...

Yeah, I was going to say zappos if you don't find anything out and about. Free shipping and I think they have a whole section for wider feet. Super fast, too. I totally need a good recipe for spinach lasagna too! Is it vegetarian??

francesca said...

Yeah, I was going to say zappos if you don't find anything out and about. Free shipping and I think they have a whole section for wider feet. Super fast, too. I totally need a good recipe for spinach lasagna too! Is it vegetarian??

francesca said...

PS: these would be cute:

(sorry if the link gets broken)
Navy cotton with white trim. They come in a wider width. Cute!!

francesca said...

These are lower heels and come in 3 widths!

ok I'll stop!

Anonymous said...

What if shoes were made of lasagna?