Friday, November 16, 2007

Things That Go Bump In The Tub

The other night I was in the tub, enjoying my new evening bath tradition, and felt my scar. Under my scar in the uterus area I felt a bump. A big, round maybe hard bump smack dab in the center. I called Nicole over to feel and expected her to say 1.) you’re fine or 2.) It’s nothing or 3.) I don’t feel anything. Enjoy your bath. Instead she said something calculated like I’m sure it’s fine but you should go see the doctor tomorrow anyway.

I felt this bump about a week ago, around the time my cycle started again and thought that it was maybe my ovaries, all inflated from a year plus of non-use. Even though it was in the middle of my uterus and not on the side, I still convinced myself it was an ovary. I pretty much ignored it until that bath. I’d like to think it truly is nothing but I’ve been around long enough to know that unfortunately that isn’t always the case. It could also just be how things heal. The scar is pulled taut, creating a place for tummy flab to hang over. Everything is changed down there, landscape-wise.

I am in between gynecologists and I knew I could never get an immediate appointment with the new one I chose; it took me three months to get the appointment I already had for the end of December. So I called up my ob/gyn’s office and talked my way into an appointment for today. I must admit I stretched the truth a bit with the receptionist, a.k.a. The Gatekeeper. I told her that I had a “big” bump right under my scar so that it may be C-section-related and therefore their domain. I didn’t want to take a chance that I didn’t get in. Technically, they canceled my last “exit” appointment about three months ago and I just never rescheduled. So this is my rescheduled appointment. Let’s hope it’s uneventful.

I needed this to happen because we leave for Florida on Sunday for a week and I don’t want to spend all of the week worried about this. I am worried about how we are going to manage a flight to Florida with the girls. And the car seats. And stroller. And food. And bags. And teething rings. And checked-in luggage. This three-hour flight seems like a marathon. Whenever I start really going off the deep end I remember that my sister-in-law flies back and forth to Japan with Leif and Skye, sometimes alone, and that is a twelve hour flight. Of course this is compounded by the fact that I have a teensy little fear of flying brought on by who-knows-what a few years ago. I am very close to eschewing all air travel and learning how to drive an RV. And there are ships that can take us to places like Europe. Really, who needs planes?

Please someone stop me from obsessively checking the turbulence reports. And weather reports. And statistics.

My appointment is at 10:15. Think happy it’s-nothing vibes.

Pictured above, the two of them. I can’t wait for them to talk! I can’t wait to hear what they have to say! Below, Mama Pot and Baby Pot. This little pot is my favorite new thing right now! It’s used to heat up the girls’ frozen food cubes. So far they have had sweet potatoes and bananas from scratch. I’ll be adding more foods very soon, since they are almost six months. Below that, my first blogged video. Look at Maddie. I swear she thinks she is a model!


Blue Pearl said...

Scar tissue maybe? I hope you leave the clinic relieved -- and here's also to a worry-free flight with snoozing babies.

nailgirl said...

OOh a trip, how exciting. Please keep us posted on the out come of your appointment.

K J and the kids said...

Thanks for the video. I think they are BOTH models.

I can't believe they are 6 months old. Is this freaking anyone else out. No no Jen you have it wrong...they are 2 months old. 8 weeks...they are babies.

Your first trip. aaawww. You will do great. I suggest checking the car seats. taking the stroller to the gate and having them gate check it.
They will do good. 3 hours is a good start.
JAPAN with TWO KIDS...are you FUCKING CRAZY! (pardon my outburst)

I'm SOOO not trying to freak your freak....but I'm a good flier normally. When and after having my kids I felt like I had SO much more to lose so I was more scared flying. long as everyone is on the plane...the wife and kids...I still get anxious...but I know that nobody will be left behind :)

Good luck !! ha ha

francesca said...

6 months almost! Wow. Time does fly. They're both so cute, kind of head-butting each other. Love the little video :-) Flying is a pain now even without two kids and all their stuff -- the security is such a nightmare. Wear slip-on shoes (or zip-on), no belt, and no real coat if possible. Then you're not trying to undress while holding babies, pass the luggage through, deal with snarly guard folks, and all those annoying people giving weird looks. Then you can just wear the babies in slings, put the stroller through, and check the carseats. So much easier. let us know how the appointment goes! have fun in florida... some sun sounds great.

calliope said...

will be thinking of you tomorrow & hoping that it is nothing exciting. I am very glad that you are going and so soon.


kim said...

Just wondering how the appointment went today..

ajs4ever said...

I hope all is well with your appointment! I hope you guys have a great time on your trip. Just try to enjoy it:) Have a happy Thanksgiving!!