Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's Done

I’m home and convalescing. That was pretty intense. I seriously thought it would be this quick and easy in-office kind of thing. But it was full-on surgery in an operating room with me in a gown and hair net and booties. I had to take out my earrings and contacts. The surgery itself lasted about 40 minutes, which is like an eternity when you are 37 weeks pregnant and laying on your back. They removed the PG and then they wrapped up my hand, so I can’t even see the sutures. I have to keep my hand all bandaged up and elevated for 5 days. And in 10 days, the sutures come out.

I am so glad it is gone. Sadly, there is a 50 percent chance of it returning, since my hormones are all screwy. However, if I deliver in the next week, the chances of it returning go way down. So let’s hope for a delivery.

In fun news, Baby B got the memo and is now head down. So it is time to strike while the iron is hot: I am ready to talk inducing. Is that so wrong? I really am having a hard time getting around. Just going to the bathroom in the middle of the night is a struggle. Walking, rather waddling, is difficult. I have no appetite, except for things like toasted almond bars. If these babies are cooked, then I am done too.

OK, that’s all for now because I can’t type with one hand anymore. And, as usual, I need to sleep. Phone calls will have to wait till tomorrow.

Pictured above are two cute dresses that Nicole’s manager gave us. She bought them in London, which makes them infinitely more charming.


K J and the kids said...

I see my cheerleading helped. Baby B is now in vaginal launch mode.

Great news on your 6th finger removal.
It won't grow back....NO WAY !

Most doctors don't like to see a twin pregnancy go longer than 38 weeks. The uterus is stretched too much and the risks begin to outweigh letting them cook.

You are going to push out two 7.5 lb baby girls. Are you getting excited ?

Take care of you....and remember to include us on your exit plan.
I will be thinking about you for the next few days. Well until Thursday, as that is birth day for you :)...oh my goodness...that's TOMORROW...are you ready ?
Please keep us posted.

Motel Manager said...

I am glad you are home - and sans PG. As for induction, I say go for it!

Your one-handed-typing skills will come in handy after you deliver, too...I am doing it now during a late-night feeding....

Jeannette said...

So glad everything went well! The dresses are super cute!

lagiulia said...

I'm glad the surgery is over and done with. It must've been hard, being so pregnant with twins and all.

I have generally heard 37 weeks is term for twins. It seems you are ready. Talk to your doctor and see what she says. Lots of love! And excitement! (Did I mention that having twins is the best???)

calliope said...

Well now that baby C has been set free - it seems fitting that babies A & B would be next!
sooo glad that baby B got the memo.

really- just so fucking glad that you are home & that the THING is off of you. phew!