Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Yeah, of COURSE, This Happens To Me

So I thought the contractor had left today for good. After all, it was past 5:00 and he had completed his one task for the day (put some plaster on the seams and nails on the new bedroom wall). He also left plaster footprints and splatter all over our wood floors, so I took out the mop and bucket and took off my shirt and started mopping it all clean. Yes, I tend to clean in my bra/bathing suit top/tank top, which I know sounds weird, but to me is just habit. Especially when the heat is cranking in this apartment, which is all of the time. And the apartment was a steam room tonight.

I am on the phone with my friend Jen, who is on her way to my apartment, mopping up the plaster prints in my Newly Giant bra when I hear the keys in the door lock and I hear the door start to open. And it isn’t Nicole, of course, as she in San Francisco. Let’s recap: I am in my bra and I am all the way by the babies’ door. My sweater is in the kitchen, where I left it. There are exactly NO options of cover-up. I ran through the living room, through the entry way and hall and into my bedroom (dodging pieces of wood and tools and sheet rock and misplaced pieces of furniture) in two seconds FLAT. My heart was beating so fast!

Meanwhile, I mentioned none of this to Jen while she continued with her story (how she didn’t hear me panting/running/panicking, I don’t know), while I threw on one of Nicole’s sweaters and walked/sauntered back out in the living room all casual as if nothing happened. The contactor said good-bye, said he’d be here again tomorrow around 9:00, and went on his merry way.

Can I just say that he normally rings the bell before he just uses his key to come in. Why he didn’t at this point, I don’t know. But it was a very close call.

Close-call aside, Jen came over and we went to the opera, which I’d like to think the babies liked because they were kicking again, even the usually muffled top baby. But Jen pointed out that they tend to move more when I slow down, which makes sense. And here I thought the babies were developing an appreciation/preference for certain types of music. In reality, I don’t think they can even hear anything yet.

And Jen said that I looked much bigger than when she saw me last. And that was just two weeks ago. Two weeks ago. My belly is going through a growth spurt.

Four more cold and lonely sleeps (sigh) till Nicole comes home.


K J and the kids said...

Good thing you weren't too big to run !
Hey it will happen. :) ha ha

UtRus said...

hang in there til Nicole gets home... post belly photo soon!

Dee said...

Too funny. I hope the GC finishes up soon. We went to Phantom at 19 weeks and Riley was definitely more active. Even though they can't hear I think they can feel the vibrations which makes them more active.