Monday, February 12, 2007

All Quiet on the Uterus Front

I have been so bent out of shape these past couple of weeks with contractor hell that I haven’t even had time to dwell on my upcoming doctor’s appointment, much less count down the days. I had one this morning and am so relieved that everything is going just fine (knock on wood). Both babies are breech, but this, of course, can change in the coming weeks. Or not: The doctor said the babies just might get comfortable the way they are and not move a bit. I am 22 weeks 1 day, but I am measuring 27 and a half weeks, which my doctor assures me is normal with twins. My blood pressure is still very low: 80 over 52. At least I have an excuse for being so very tired all the time. And today was the first day that I got measured with the belly tape measure. It was an exciting thing for me.

Baby A is the one kicking my left side with her mini legs. The softer taps I feel on my right side is Baby B punching me with her little hands, I am not feeling any hard kicks on my left side because Baby B’s legs are aimed straight at her sister, so Baby A is taking a hit for the team. It is my favorite thing in the world right now, feeling them punch and kick. Last night the planets aligned for the second time (or is it third?) and I felt both Baby A kick and Baby B punch at the same time. Seriously….what are the chances?

Nicole came back from San Francisco with gifts of sourdough bread and the flu. She is actually home from work today, which is so rare for her. She never takes sick days, ever. She has the best immune system of anyone I know. She never gets whatever I get (I get sick all the time). She has the full range of symptoms and sounds awful. I have hand sanitizer and spray and I am washing my hands like crazy. My doctor assures me that nothing bad will happen even if I get the flu. Other than misery, of course.

I don’t think she should go to work at all this week, but she thinks she will be fine by Wednesday. I rather enjoy having her around, especially when the contractor is here. Instant playmate, though she is not very active and is on the lethargic side. We are holed up in the bedroom. I was able to take a nap. She spoke with the contractor and he is getting work done for a change. I am amazed that even in sick clothes with sick voice and sick hair, people still listen to her. (Though he did take a long coffee break.) But he is actually using power tools and making progress.

I went away for the weekend with some friends, which is also why I was too distracted to count down the days till my next doctor’s visit. Four of us went to Saratoga for the night, a three and a half hours drive away from the city. It was supposed to by 5, but my friend Molly got snowed in with all that upstate snow. Well, she wasn’t snowed in, but the towns between her and us were. It was great to get away and we had so much fun, but I was still so exhausted. By mid-afternoon, I felt like a balloon losing all my air. I went back to the hotel with one of my friends and ate cake and relaxed, but there was no burst of energy.

These sort of events (getaways and such) have an air of finality about them: Like this is the last trip I will take with friends before the babies are born. I now feel this nervous energy; I need to plan plan plan and get in as much as possible before late May/early June. My brother and sister-in-law just bought a boat, and I am so excited. Both my brother and I spent several years on our 20s living on boats, so this is like getting a little gift from the past back. And then it occurred to me: With babies born in late May or June, when did I think I would be going out on a boat?! It’s not that life stops when you have kids, but things really do change. But I am so ready for that change. And excited. For almost the first time in this pregnancy I am beginning to feel like maybe just maybe everything is going to work out.


Dee said...

Congratulations on 22 weeks and a good check up!

How fun it would be to have two little ones kicking away in there. You're a very lucky Mama.

I LOVE fresh Sourdough bread from San Fran. I'm so jealous.

You've got to cherish those outings with your friends. I love to get away with the girls. I've already cancelled one trip due to everything we've gone through this last month. I know for the rest of my life I'll probably cherish these outings even more.

I've been thinking about trips, camping and boating a lot lately myself. We love to camp and boat and didn't do a lot last year because of TTC. And having a baby born in May, same as you, we won't do much, if any, this year as well. Hopefully next year we'll both be enjoying the water with our toddlers!

K J and the kids said...

No worries on the breech part. My babies would flip around during my routine ultrasounds. They will flip until there is no room to flip and then they might just flip again.

I am so impressed that you are still feeling like going out and playing. You are doing such a great job. Get it all out now :)