Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Scan Day

I can tell it is scan day because I always get up at the crack of dawn, in a fit of can’t-sleep-anymore insomnia. So by 4:00 a.m I was up and ready to start the day. And my appointment was NINE hours from then. At 1:00 p.m. That's a lot of worry time.

Right off the bat I knew it was going to be a pleasant experience because I didn’t have Attila the Technician. Finally. Instead, I had this lovely woman who called me Sweetie and answered all of my questions.

I’m happy to report that 1.) both babies are indeed still there and 2.) both have beating little hearts and 3.) both are sonogram superstars. They are in a T formation. They both weigh the same exact amount: 1 pound 11 ounces and are measuring just fine for their age. And my cervix is 4.3, which is great, according to my doctor and the technician. Baby A kept turning from the probe so I only ended up with one picture of her. We did see her drinking the amniotic fluid though, and playing with her hands in front of her face. (hand-in-face picture is above!) Baby B was more than happy to oblige for pictures. We even got one of her yawning! (that is the above picture.) Next to thumb-sucking, that is the one thing I really wanted to see with at least one baby in utero. I am so grateful that everything went well. And I am fully aware that this can all change in a second. But for now, all’s fine and that’s great.

I’ll be back in worry mode in 10, 9, 8, 7……….

Nicole wasn’t there and she is in meetings all day so I can’t even share the news with her. I have been instructed only to call her work cell in the event of an emergency. Babies Are OK doesn’t have the same urgency as, say, some of our other adventures, so I am trying not to abuse my work cell call privileges. For me, picking up gummi bears on the walk home from work is an emergency. Not so much for her.

Baby A, the one who was drinking the amniotic fluid, is probably addicted to Dr. Pepper. Nicole bought a case of it for me, and I am drinking it like it’s my job. Some of it must end up in the amniotic fluid. Nicole fully realizes my lack of self control in situations like this, but she went ahead and bought it anyway. She said that I can only have two a day. Ha! Two is, in fact, more than generous, since I should be having zero. But anyway…I told her I blame her for this new addiction. After all, all I drink is water and orange juice. She introduced this poison into our home. And that Dr. Pepper is like this delicious, exotic, wonderful, amazing break from the monotony of water water water oj more water water and more water.

I told Nicole this and her response was: “You can have a V8. No one is stopping you from having a V8,” with a tad, dare I say, of exasperation. I could have the healthy vegetable juice, but I push aside those 8 vegetables and 100 percent of your daily allowance of whatever in favor of the nectar of the gods. Chemistry’s candy.

Now I am exhausted from my full day of worrying. I’d like to take a long nap but I have a 40-page paper to pound out by Friday. And it is a balmy 40-something degrees here in New York so I have spring fever, which inevitably brings with it an inability to concentrate….


Merr said...

Hi I have been reading for awhile now. Glad to see the babies are okay. How exciting to have twins, eh? I holy love Dr. Pepper so much. I didn't have it when I was pregnant, but as soon as I was done....

K J and the kids said...

Cute babies. My boys always measured EXACTLY the same until right at the end and then it was a small amount.
I'm SO glad that you had a nice tech. It makes all the difference.
Good luck on your paper.

Dee said...

So glad the babies are doing well! Enjoy the worry free moment for at least a day.

We can relate to the Dr. Pepper addiction. Shelly's a water drinker. Suddenly since being pregnant she's addicted to fully loaded Coke. She's only allowed one a day. But, now that's she entering the third trimester the craving is subsiding. Her new craving is cheese. Cheese, cheese, cheese.

psapph0 said...

They're adorable... can we have one???


Carey said...

Dr. Pepper? It must be the 23 flavors! Did you know you can drink it hot? Heat Dr Pepper in a saucepan to 180 degrees, place a thin slice of lemon in the bottom of a coffee mug and pour the heated Dr Pepper over the lemon. I've never tried it though... I am more of an A&W Diet Cream Soda girl -- I love that stuff!! (but it must be in a can)

And seriously... a 40 page paper? 40 pages?!?!? Damn. I sweat about my 15 page papers!!!! Ugh. I hate writing papers.

Tamsin said...

Great scan pics of your lovely healthy twins ;o)