Friday, June 18, 2010

How Hope Springs Eternal in Four New Beds

Dare I say that we have turned a corner? Do I risk jinxing things by discussing the new and exciting developments going on here?

Bedtime and sleeping has been getting much better in some ways. The new big-girl beds, in both houses, have made a huge difference. These days, we aim to have them in their beds, tucked in, by 7:30. We each lay in a bed (me, usually with Madeline and Nicole with Avery) and we talk about the highlights of the day and usually repeat the story of the Three Little Pigs, their current favorite story. Then kisses and lights out and we leave. We usually have to come back one more time for an extra hug or kiss, but that’s it. They stay IN their beds, NO roaming, and they usually chat for a few minutes but simmer down within fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes! Two weeks ago, they wouldn’t fall asleep until 9:30 or so. This means that this week we had had such conversation starters as “What do you want to do tonight?” Nicole and I both started reading new books. It is quiet and stress-free. That is amazing.

Also amazing: Madeline no longer gets out of bed and walks into our room and climbs into our bed. She has stopped that completely. However, she still is waking up in the night, crying out for us. And while we have gone back and forth a couple times with letting her cry it out or running to her side, what usually happens is Nicole goes in there and sits with her or lays down with her. Sometimes Nicole falls asleep in her bed, but wakes up and evacuates before Madeline wakes up, which is key. We figured we are dealing with three challenges: Getting the girls to go to bed quickly; getting Madeline to not roam; and getting Madeline to sleep through the night without crying for us. Two out of three right now is pretty good, I’d say.

More changes: A little over two weeks till my birthday. Born on the fourth of July. Nicole took the week off so we will be up in Massachusetts. Then there will be a few changes in mid July that I guess I can talk about soon. And then the end of July one of my closets friends, the one I speak to 16 times a day, the one who talks me off cliffs and keeps me sane, the one who I can’t live without speaking to will be heading to Italy with her family for three weeks. I already feel abandoned. My brother and his family are a few steps closer moving to China, which makes me so sad because I can’t imagine being that far away from my niece and nephew. I got a haircut and it is kinda short. And Avery broke my iPad by hitting it with a toy hammer. Can’t quite talk about that yet, as it is devastating. Not a good day when that happened. Today I distract myself by taking the girls to see Toy Story at the Ziegfeld Theater.

Pictured above, that guy on the roof is spraying it silver. It was kind of fascinating to watch for 15 seconds. I wonder what happens when he finishes? How does he get off? But then the light turned green and I had to drive off, so I will never know I guess. Also pictured, the girls have discovered the joys of riding on the cart. Ad finally, riding in the cart at Target. Madeline was alone in the back there with nothing in there and while I talked with Aunt Mina, Avery and Skye managed to PACK it up with toys.

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He's standing in a hole in the roof, so I suppose he climbs back in?