Thursday, March 18, 2010

Watch Out, Burlington, Here I Come

The first number on my alarm wake-up time is a three. As in three in the morning. OK, it is set for 3:59, which is the very end of the three hour. I think I need to change it to 4:00 because it may make me feel less tired, psychologically.

I get up that early because it is the only time in the day that I know for certain that I can be alone. I am an early riser by nature, so it wasn’t too hard to make the early morning my me time. But believe me, it was an adjustment. I drink my two cups of coffee and catch up on blogs and email and then head to the gym by 5:00. I am home usually by 6:30 and then the day officially begins.

This weekend I have an extra-large serving of alone time. Nicole booked a photography seminar weekend for me a while back. It is in Burlington, Vermont, which is far, far away. We will drive up to Northampton on Friday, and Saturday morning I will leave at the ripe pre-sunrise hour of 4:30 and embark on a three-hour drive alone up to Vermont. I will be taking classes on white balance and lighting and such all day Saturday and Sunday, and spending the night alone in a hotel. It will be heaven, albeit a lonely one. I tried to convince Nicole that we should all go, but she thought that would defeat the purpose and also be a little too difficult with the girls. Part of me is excited to walk around a new little city and explore. And the other part of me thinks I may just go for a run after Saturday’s classes and then order a good on-demand movie. I have no idea what I will do, but that is part of the fun, I think.

Today the girls have their toddler class. They went Week One, but missed Week Two, thanks to the stomach bug. Tuesday’s class was almost like back to square one: Madeline would not let me out of her sight. So I was not able to leave (I am technically not allowed to leave until the girls are comfortable, as this is a “gentle separation” class). I used to have dreams of wandering around Union Square; now I will settle just sitting against the wall in the hallway for two hours. Avery has taken to the class quite well, I think. She even remembers the teachers’ names. She loves to paint and do crafts and is very independent. But Madeine, who is the more independent child at home, is VERY dependent one during this class time. The teachers said that since they have never been in day care or with anther person, really, it may take the entire eight week course for them to get comfortable. Part of me feels like that is ridiculous, that it can’ possibly take that long. And this tapering method seems like it won’t be effective. I feel like it would just be better to leave tem cold turkey. We’ll see.

Pictured above: We took the girls to the Museum of Natural History on Sunday, without the stroller again. Free range children in the hall of dinosaurs. They were very demanding of Nicole: They both needed Mommy and only Mommy. Which meant my hands were free to take pictures.


K J and the kids said...

Ok, before I comment on how COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY AWESOME IT IS THAT YOUR WIFE DID THAT. I have to say that your girls look darling in their little skirts and boots outfits.

I knew I always liked her. I can say that I'm a huge Nicole fan now.
Good on ya Nicole.

Whirlwindkim said...

Burlington is the COOLEST city every. We went last year for the first time and it is such a 'walking around' city. Easy, fun and comfortable. Have a blast, I'm jealous!

Maya said...

I am glad to see another mom who has kids that prefer the "other" mom on the weekends. They can't get enough of her. The first word my son says upon waking up is "Mama" (my partner) and most days even, he wants nothing to do with me when it comes to getting ready for school or going to sleep. I guess he associates me with the not so fun stuff. Oh well.
Sweet pictures.
Enjoy your well-deserved weekend!

Hope said...

oh Burlington!!!! I really miss that town! I lived there for almost 7 years, and still contemplate going back. You'll have to plan a summer trip there with the girls- there are a million things to do, and festivals just about every weekend. Oh, and the Ben & Jerry's factory is only about 20 min south- they ueds to do tours for the kids!

but right now, it's probably still mud season... yes, just like the name says!

Muddy Waters on main street used to be a good place to go sit with a book & coffee or tea- just down from Church Street. Check out the goodies at the Onion River Food Co-op. The bike path along the lake used to be a great place to run, but I don't know if you'll want to go on your own- I haven't been back for years, and I don't know it's still a good place to run alone.

Have a great time!!!!!

Shelli said...

Malka's more of the band-aid approach. If I do drop off, and just say bye and leave, she's fine. (or fine after crying for a few minutes) - but as in yesterday, which was "someone special day" at school, after being in her classroom for over an hour she was a royal MESS when I left. When she usually just tells me to GO! :)

Some kids need the band aid approach - just rip it off quickly!

Sorry it's so tough.

Oh my gosh - a night alone in a hotel? SWOON and double SWOON! WOW.


Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.