Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Only 780 More Weekends Till College

The Easter Bunny came a week early this year, to accommodate my brother and his family’s vacation schedule. So they all came up to Massachusetts with us last weekend and we celebrated with the not-so-traditional Italian dinner the night before Early Easter and the not-so-traditional Mediterranean breakfast on Early Easter Sunday.

I love how holiday’s break up the monotony of daily living. The anticipation of a holiday adds such colors to the days and weeks preceding it. I used the holiday suggestions culled from the comments: From the photo scavenger hunt to find the baskets (b-i-g hit) to the arts and craftsy things and bubbles in the baskets. I made cookies and Mina bought some homemade chocolate lollipops. I also recycled the chewed up carrots from the Christmas reindeer (bunnies eat carrots, too!) and left those orange bits scattered by the back door. It was all great. I love that we are building traditions stolen from other families!

The girls are lucky, because the Easter Bunny will visit them again this weekend (a.k.a., Easter Proper) and will leave them a garden bucket, filled with little spades and watering cans and Gummy worms and seed packets and such. I couldn’t resist such springtime cuteness. And I have never met a theme I didn’t like.

Nicole and I went to a Carrie Underwood concert last Saturday night while we were up in Massachusetts, and left the girls with everyone at home. I think the last time Nicole and I were out together was last Easter, when we went to that Jane Fonda play. About once year. Not good. I even bought a new shirt for the occasion, one that my friend deemed “hot.” How can you not buy said shirt when you are told you look hot in it? I bought two, of course, as a little positive reinforcement is all I need, and my self-esteem has been visiting the gutter lately, as it cyclically does, so I soak up any positive image comments like a sponge. I am a salesperson’s/marketer’s dream. Anyway, I didn’t get to wear the new shirt (back in the closet). We rushed back after dinner and ice cream and had to leave in about three minutes. The concert started at 7:30, but I planned for us to get there by 9:00, as I don’t need to suffer through two opening acts. Our timing was perfect and the concert was good.

But the girls, they were not thrilled and their mommies going out. Apparently they both had moments of crying and asking for us. Madeline insisted on sleeping on the chair in the living room, which is where we found her when we got home. We scooped her up and let her sleep with us upstairs and nestled her between us. Her little head was aglow in the moonlight through the window above our bed. She twisted her head around to stare at it. She was taking those long, sleepy blinks. It was just beautiful. I completely understand why many people opt for the whole family bed thing.

We are heading back up to Massachusetts tonight, or tomorrow, depending on how Nicole feels when she gets back from San Francisco today. April 1st is our anniversary, the one we celebrated before we were married, which I insist on keeping and still celebrating. And this weekend is supposed to be gorgeous: Close to 70 degrees and sunny. I am ready for some warm weather and sunny skies and fun weekend plans. As ridiculous as this sounds, we have only 780 more weekends (yes, I calculated) before the girls go to college, and I want to make them count.

Pictured above, Early Easter. I should point out that Madeline had absolutely no interest in her Easter basket. None.

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