Thursday, February 18, 2010

Weekend Highlight: Escaping Lawsuit by Ten Feet

We are back after spending four days in Massachusetts, but it was not without its drama. I am fairly certain we escaped an awful lawsuit and giant headache by ten feet. Let me explain. The treadmill was delivered on Friday. Our steep driveway was coated with a thin layer of snow, but since our plow guy only plows if there is an accumulation of more than three inches, we were stuck with dealing with it ourselves. I started shoveling and sanding it, but the treadmill delivery people showed up about halfway through this giant endeavor. They only made it up about half the driveway. They decided to leave their truck there and push the giant treadmill up with a hand truck. I would like to point out that they gave me a few not-so-nice looks. We were already off to a bad start.

So they bring the treadmill inside and are assembling it and I go upstairs, thinking they don’t need me hovering over them. After a few minutes, I look out the window and notice the truck is gone. Hmmm. I try to convince myself that one of the delivery people went out and moved it, but I knew this wasn’t true: I can hear both of them hammering away downstairs. I panic, and assume that a band of Country Criminals have stolen the truck. I knew I had to go downstairs and say something, but I did not want this assignment. Still, I pop down and say oh so casually, “Hey, did you guys move your truck, because it isn’t in the driveway anymore.” They both drop their screwdrivers and let out a few curses and run out the door. I follow them, and all three of us stand at the top of the driveway and are astonished by what we see: The truck, even with its emergency brake on, rolled down the driveway and into the street and stopped miraculously about ten feet from a clump of trees. They were so lucky, and so were we: I am not sure if there is a basis for a lawsuit there, but if someone can sue McDonald’s because they spill their coffee in their lap, then I am sure that they could’ve found an angle to sue us.

So our four-day weekend was off to a bad start, but it improved from there. It was mellow, because Nicole was recovering from oral surgery: A gum graft, of which I know not the details because I can’t even handle hearing about it. Friends visited us on Saturday and on Sunday, we took an exploratory Sunday Drive. And Monday, on the drive home, the girls slept through most of it, so it was a calm, peaceful just-under-three hours.

I am happy to report that Madeline is speaking up for herself much more these days. I was getting worried because she is not anywhere near as verbal as Avery. I deduced it wasn’t a cognitive issue. As she understands us for the most part, and knows her alphabet and can count up to 20 or so. When I give her directions, she is able to follow them, that is, if she feels like it. But there is not much in terms of idle chatter. But these days, I have noticed a mark improvement in this area. She comes up to us all the time and asks “Hey, what are you doing?” She also is on Ladybug Lookout patrol. We have a lot of ladybugs in our house in Massachusetts and Maddie seems to find each one.

I am so ready for winter to be over. The TV is on for the girls waaaaay more than I want. We are trapped indoors much of the times, jailed in by flurries or cold or slushy sidewalks. It is really hard to explain to the girls that no, we can’t go to the playground today because it is snowing and it will be too slippery and wet. Errands become a test of efficient route planning: I try to figure out the fastest and most direct way to accomplish tasks so as to minimize our time outdoors. I miss our long stroller walks. I am tired of spending 15 minutes getting the girls in hats and gloves and coats and socks and boots and blankets. And, on top of all that, usually need to make some accommodations fro whatever inappropriate toy Madeline wants to bring with her (usually, for example, a puzzle or one of those giant wooden toy cubes). Spring will be much celebrated round these here parts. There is lots to look forward to, besides the big thaw. And I will be embarking on a solo weekend. I haven't done that since I rolled up all of my loose change back in the mid nineties and booked myself a weekend to the Bahamas alone. My upcoming solo adventure is engineered by Nicole: Which begs the question, should I be upset that my Valentine's Day present involves sending me away for a weekend alone?!

Pictured above: The tire tracks in the street from the runaway treadmill truck. And Avery recording the birds she sees while bird watching. Ask her what her favorite bird is and she will say blue jay. Good thing we have those in spades around the bird feeders. Maddie is hard to get pictures of these days: She is always on the move. And finally, Avery “helping” me make monkey bread. We usually give her a bowl and et her mix random ingredients together while we work parallel to her with the “real” ingredients.


Malea said...

Yeh, for Maddy! The world could use one less woman who feels the need to gibber gabber all the time.*gasp* did i say that?

Me,who recently went out to a movie only to have some woman behind us talk non-stop during the whole thing.

calliope said...

holy shit!!!!
that first photo? wow.

a weekend alone sounds divine!

K J and the kids said...

TOTALLY their fault. They should have just parked in the street and pushed the thing all the way on the hand truck :) That's what I would have argued in court. ha ha

I absolutely LOVED the pictures of her helping. SO SO cute. I'm just sorry to all of your non facebook friend bloggers who don't get to see the others.

I want to know where you are going away for a long weekend ? hmm hmm hmm ? where ?

Anonymous said...

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CE Webster said...

Wow! That could have been disastrous! The girls are adorable! I think everyone needs an early spring this year.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Carey said...

Uhm... what's up with those anonymous comments??

And... when did your babies turn into little girls?? Seriously?? When did this happen?? So grown up looking to me all of a sudden!!