Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Important Days; Important Outfit Selections

Today we head downtown to court and take the final step in this long, expensive and somewhat arduous process of second-parent adoption. That means, as of around 3:00 p.m. today, in the eyes of the state and the country, Nicole will officially be considered Avery and Madeline’s mother. Which is ridiculous, since she has been their mother from the get-go. However, I do understand why this is emotionally significant for Nicole, and definitely important should I meet an untimely demise and if bitter people contested my will and demanded to have custody of the girls, so in the end, all of the flaming hoops we had to hop through are worth it.

I had it in my head that I must buy a camel-colored pencil skirt and camel-colored sweater for this all-important adoption day. Surely that is what people wear to adoptions. Or perhaps, this is what people wore to adoptions in the 50s. I then ping-ponged through a selection of similar type outfits, all in monotone colors and all a bit on the conservative side. If I am going to be in a judge’s chambers, I want to look upstanding and muted. I settled on gray pants and a pink turtleneck sweater. I showed the girls my outfit and Avery protested: “No, those are Mommy’s pants! Mommy’s work pants!” Indeed my outfit choice is much more aligned with what Nicole wears. I am the skirt/dress wearing mother. But today I just felt like wearing pants. I find it surreal that at just two-and-a-half years old, Avery is already picking up on details like that.

I will also be wearing a lot of green. Right about now I am regretting using green food dye when I was making Christmas ornaments the other day. My fingers are still stained and nothing will get this ink out. I guess my red nails and green skin look a little festive, at least.

The organizer/planner in me is a little annoyed that this adoption appointment is smack dab in the middle of naptime. Let’s hope that napless toddlers plus new environment does not equal complete chaos.

Thanks so much for your tradition ideas, and keep them coming, if you have them! Already I am working on weaving in so many of the ideas I have read. I love the Christmas pajamas hanging on the door on Christmas Eve!

Avery is really embracing Cause-Cause. (Santa Claus, Avery style). She grasps the all-important concept that he will bring presents and eave them under her Christmas tree. She has asked for a teddy bear. Madeline enjoys ho-ho-ho-ing. She speaks of Santa as well, but says little of what Santa can do for her. Avery continues to be the big taker of the two of them. I am fine with that, as long as Madeline’s speech isn’t considered delayed. Just when that panic starts to creep up she will say something like “no touching my ear, Momma” and then I feel like all is well. (She has a boo-boo in her ear and does not like me to inspect it).

Less than ten days till Christmas!

Pictured above, they love love love the snow. They had so much fun in it last weekend. After an hour we managed to tempt Avery inside with the promise of a handful of chocolate chips. Madeline came in, literally, kicking and screaming. We don’t have sleds yet, so they got on their tummies and slid down mini hills in their snowsuits. Clever girls! That picture of Madeline protecting her boo-boo ear cracks me up.


K J and the kids said...

Congratulations !
This is so important for SO many reasons. Being one who is not protected I feel a great relief in you being able to finalize this last piece of the puzzle.


Malea said...

I hope you take lots of pics of the occasion,so the girls can see what it was all about. I'm sure they won't remember much of it.

Cheers to a awesome special wednesday!

calliope said...

congrats to you & Nicole on such a huge day. Sucks ass that such a day needed to happen, but PHEW that it is done and ya'll are all legal and stuff.
LOVE the snow photos here!!
now I need to go catch up on your posts...

Anonymous said...

Your new house is absolutely fantastic, the girls look so at home in all that snow.

Congrats on the adoption thing-o!

Rainbow Momma said...

How exciting for your family! Congrats to all of you.

Anonymous said...

Hope everything went well!

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psapph0 said...

I agree 110% with the previous poster.

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