Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Closing: The Sequel

So that closing last week was apparently just a dress rehearsal. Nicole took off from work, drove up there and signed all the papers. She then drove to the new house and dropped off a carload of our things. The next day, as we were basking in the afterglow and enjoying the end of paperwork and planning our first weekend up there, we find out that the bank that owns the house didn’t process some piece of paperwork properly (the pesky title), so we aren’t technically the owners. Minor detail. Basically it is just a red-tape hassle that involves us returning to Northampton this Friday to resign the papers. And then, it will officially be official, or so they say. But, on an exciting note, we will be spending our first weekend there. This should be interesting, as we need to arrange the delivery of beds, fridges and stoves. It could also be an indoor camping adventure.

Halloween is barely in the rear view, and we are already on to the next holiday. I already heard a Christmas song on TV and the aisles of the drug stores re cluttered with holiday lights and ornaments and red and green versions of candy. But I’m still mentally in a fall place. We went to Halloween party at a friend’s house, but no trick-or-treating for us. The girls don’t know what candy is, and I would like to keep it that way for another year or so. Besides, they wouldn’t even wear their costumes. I think they are too young to get it, so while I am excited to share these milestones with them, I am also content to hold off on another year or two. My friend Jen and I were talking about what to do with all the extra candy the accumulates from leftover treats or from the kids’ haul. It seems wasteful to throw it away, but it also seems wrong to let kids eat 15 tons of candy, even over an extended period of time. And then, this morning at the gym, I saw some news story about donating your extra Halloween candy to the overseas soldiers. What a great idea.

Random note: Another reason why I love my new gym: They give out free fruit. How great is that?

In a move I may regret in the near future, I entered the 2010 NYC marathon lottery. Yep, watching it on Sunday got me all worked up and filled with false confidence. For a mere eleven dollars I have a slightly higher chances than a snowball’s in hell of being allowed to run 26.2 miles next November. Yes, I am insane. I don’t even like to drive 26 miles, let alone run it. Now let’s be clear: I am in no way nearly ready to run that far or for that long at this present juncture. But given almost a year, I think I may be able to get to that point. I have a feeling my run would include quite a few walk breaks. And a sub-four hour time seems waaaay outside of the realm of possibility. But we’ll see. It is up to fate. If my number is selected in mid-march, I will have a lot of work to do. I like that my November running fate is a little bit of a mystery.

The girls are running me ragged. They have so much energy and are busy busy busy. They have a new habit: They like to go into their room, close their door and play together. If I try to come in, they yell “GO MOMMA.” It is endearing now, but won’t be endearing when they are around 14. But for now, I enjoy the fact that they entertain each other and I can get something done. It’s the little things and little moments.

Pictured above: My lunch, which made me laugh because it sorta looks like a face. You can tell I spend a lot of time alone with children. It is hummus on pita with spinach and then roasted fall veggies (squash, carrots, turnips, parsnips and shallots). I have been on a huge hummus kick. And spinach too. Also pictured, Avery leaving her tag on a friend’s fence. Also finally, if worse comes to worse, this will be out Christmas card picture. Seriously, I hope we can do better than this. Plus, I should maybe color my hair before the next picture. I have three-inch roots.


Molly said...

you look like a skinny minnie in the photo, and your lunch is looking a liiiiitle bit too healthy, but yummy. I already had a big salad today, but just defrosted a LI Bagel from the freezer and ate it.

cracks me up that the girls won't let you in their room.

Malea said...

"But won't be when they turn fourteen"

That's when you take the door off the hinges and leave it off.Ha!