Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I Got Whole Lot Of Nothing

I was supposed to visit my friend Jen in Jersey today but it was rainy and dreary this morning and I was unnaturally and for-no-real-reason tired today, so I am not going. Which seems very lame of me. But there are days when I just don’t relish the idea of walking the girls to the car and loading them, their stroller and various bags in the car while other cars are waiting impatiently behind me. Getting out the door can be such a struggle. Bribes need to be made to get the girls into their stroller, since they always want to walk. And the drive to somewhere can be a torture session of dropped toys and books and me saying over and over again: “Momma can’t get that toy because Momma is driving.” Through gritted teeth, after about 15 times. Once I get where I am supposed to go, I am always glad I pushed through. But still, sometimes my motivation is lacking for no good reason other than I just feel lazy.

And my back is killing me and I have no idea way. Driving makes it feel worse. I think I need some sort of special driving pillow, one that includes a word like “lumbar” or something. I can only imagine I might have pulled something while doing the twist-and-fish-out-a-toy-from-under-the-seat-while-driving-move. Or maybe it is from lifting the sometimes thrashing toddlers who don’t want to have their diapers changed. Or maybe it was just from getting out of bed, such is my advancing age. The pain lead me to Duane Reade, where I purchased one of those heat packs for the back (it Velcos on and stays on for eight hours, but I must check to make sure I am not burning my skin) and Doan’s back pills. These pills, they have more warnings on them than I am comfortable with. I took them yesterday and they seemed to work, but still, all those warnings about complications from taking the pills makes me seriously question whether or not I should put it in my body. So today I eschew them and try to grit my teeth through the pain. Let’s see how long this bravado lasts.

I know; all of life’s troubles should be this petty.

This past weekend we took the girls to their first movie: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. We were prepared to make it about ten minutes before we would have to bail, and were pleasantly surprised—no, shocked—when the girls sat through the entire movie without a peep. Amazing! The best part it was the 3D version, which we didn’t realize till we got to the theater, so the girls tolerated fuzzy scenes every now and then without complaining. Madeline watched the previews while standing and peeking through the seats in front of her. It was cute. But the she settled on Nicole’s lap and watched the entire movie from there.

Out of the blue, Madeline has added a few new phrases to her vocabulary: “Hey, Momma” and “Ok” and “alright.” She will come up to me and ask for milk. I will repeat it back to her “You want some milk, Maddie?” and she says “OK,” as if it were my idea. From time to time I worry that she isn’t speaking enough, but then she will suddenly spurt things out like “Plane flying there” and I think I am being silly to worry. It is so so so hard not to compare the two girls. And Avery is so verbal, always talking, always repeating and shocking us with her three and four word sentences.

Some legitimate concerns I have: I am losing the paci war. What used to be jut a nighttime and naptime is now becoming much more often. Because yes, it is easier to just give in rather than listen to them cry for that damn piece of plastic. Other concerns: Avery eats almost nothing but carbs. She loves her bread products and will only eat things that have flour in them. And even that is only occasionally. She seems to be on the path of picky eater, which wouldn’t shock me, as I am a very picky eater. Madeline, on the other hand, eats amazingly. She will have a pint of raspberries, a cup of strawberries, an apple, frozen grapes and several clementines throughout the day. Interesting how the girls can be on either side of these spectrums.

We close in two weeks! We just might be in the house in time for some peak foliage!

And finally:

• I am reading Nurture Shock and loving it so fat. Chapter one can be boiled down to this: Be specific with your feedback and encouragement. Chapter 2 is all about the importance of sleep. Preaching to the choir. Nicole and I am very much into instilling a strict sleep schedule. I am looking forward to the rest of the book.

• I am also reading “Parenting from the Inside Out.” Just got it yesterday. I am hoping that this book and the other will illuminate a parenting path for me.

Pictured above, pictures from the weekend. It is fall in NY and I love it.


Molly said...

love them in the elevator, it's like they're afraid to move.

K J and the kids said...

It's hard not to compare twins. or twins to singletons, or twins to twins.
I will tell you this. I listened to everyone tell me that my boys were fine. stop comparing them to their sister. they are boys. they are twins. yadda yadda yadda. I took things in to my own hands and sure enough. both required speech therapy. Cam's fine. Spencer REALLY needed it. Still needs it.
It sounds like she's JUST fine to me. but again, go with your gut.

I have this whole huge issue about mothers who believe that it is entirely their doing if their kids eat their fruits and veggies. and by that I mean, willingly eat them. I hide them. good luck :)

libbittoo said...


just a question....will this new house be ur full time home or get away home......i cant remember.? girls look great!

Jennifer said...

Getaway home seems so illegal and shady! But that is what it will be, a place to go to on weekends.

And karen, I will be talking to the ped. at our next visit to make sure her speech patterns are aligned with standard development. I have done a little research and it seems to be ok. But still, when I put her up next to her sister...not quite the same.

Michelle said...

FWIW, I've been trying to read "Parenting from the Inside Out" for the past year. I read a little bit, think it's great, and then put it down for months. No idea why. I finally fessed up to my therapist, whose book I've borrowed all this time, and she said that it's a very dense book. She said that she's ordered another book that's similar but, she's heard, easier to read.

So, let me know if you're able to plow through if I should give it another go. Or, if you also get stuck, let me know and I'll pass along the other book title!

K J and the kids said...

I had to add. I love that you dress Avery like Nicole and Madeline like you :)
and she does. looks JUST like Nicole.
Keep us updated on what the ped. says. From what I've read from your posts. She talks just fine.