Saturday, August 22, 2009

Time to Batten Down the Hatches; Storm's a-Brewing

I want my money back because the so-called calming chamomile with hints of relaxing Tahitian vanilla shampoo is NOT working.

The background: I am back home in the city after a week on Long Island with four kids: my own and my niece and nephew. We stayed there for a week, in what is to become the first year of Camp Cousin, a tradition I would like to keep up so the kids can spend a week together. Cousin bonding time, if you will.

Of course, nothing goes quite as planned. And my next post, coming later today or tomorrow but certainly before the weekend's end, will be a private one. So dust off your passwords and email me if you lost it/forgot it.

I will say it is so nice to be home. Five days without Nicole is way too long, for the girls and for me. The only downside so far: Poor Avery is feverish and has a bad cough, which makes her even more cuddly than usual. It looks like it will be a quiet day for us at home.

Pictured above, Camp Cousin!


Calliope said...

love the idea of a cousin camp!

& dude...WHEN do we get to hear Nicole's news???

Anonymous said...

You never shared with us Nicole's news???????

Rosany and Pam

Hope said...

You have to make it an annual event (or more frequently)! I'm one of 11 first cousins that grew up within 5 miles of each other... we had camp cousin year round, and it was like having 10 siblings, instead of just 2... it also meant having 4 sets of parents, to one extent or another.

Marie said...

Glad you guys had fun, sorry you have a sick little one your hands!!! I agree with everyone else when do we get to hear the good news??? Also I have no clue what I did with the password could you email it to me please? I also now have a blog kind of boring but... it's
my email is

suzy said...

I was wondering, as a long-time but quiet reader, if I might have a password.

Anonymous said...

Please re-email the pw to


Anonymous said..., that's me! :)

K J and the kids said...

ooooooh, I can't wait.
You know how I love these posts. never did tell us the Nicole news ?
I won't forget. I'm like an elephant when it comes to good news gossip.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been reading for awhile (have almost read all of the archives just a few more months to go) and would love the password, if you don't mind.


Audra said...

I'm a bad blogger and also forgot the password/site. My email is dragonflycurls at