Sunday, April 05, 2009

Password Protection: Yes, It Has Come To This....

I have mentioned on more than one occasion that I wished there were a secret place where I could blog some of my not-so-bloggable-for-the-general-public thoughts. So I wished and wished and wished and guess what? Nothing happened. Reminds me of some quote thing hanging in my mother’s house about having a wishbone where your backbone is.

So I had to take matters into my own hands. Here on out I am going to add some password-protected posts from time to time to a brand new blog on wordpress. This is the link:

It was either start that password-protected blog or let some things simmer/boil over in me. New blog seems like the healthier choice. I hate having two blogs, and I am not ready to completely migrate (I hate change) but blogspot doesn’t have password protection and so this is what it is.

If you want the password, email me. I’ll leave my email address in the comments. Please give me your blog name or your name. I don’t mind complete strangers reading my general thoughts, but I just want to know who reads my deeper, darker parts. In return I will email you the password. There is no post there yet, but one will be up within a couple days….

Back to your regularly scheduled blog….


Jennifer said... if leaving my email address in the comments is "safer."

Anonymous said...

I'll e-mail you.

Rosany and Pam.

Jennifer said...

To those who added nice messages to the password requests, thank you! I just posted a password-protected post on wordpress and will be sending out passwords now!

Anonymous said...

hi i would love the password
cynthia davis

Anonymous said...

Hi, I do read from time and time and would love to move on to the next level of privacy.

Please email me at: