Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Who Wants to Move to New York's West Side?

I can’t watch the news anymore because I don’t want to hear one more thing about how crappy everything is. The economy sucks, politicians suck, traffic sucks, weather sucks. Everyone is stressed out and everyone is losing their jobs, their homes and their minds. And I am reaching Obama-mania fatigue. The media is continuing its love affair with him, even when faced with a few lapses of judgment in appointing tax evaders to high positions. If Bush did that, he would be crucified. I don’t want Obama dragged through the coals here, but can we at least try to start this administration with as few law-breakers as possible? I am glad, at the very least, that Obama admitted a lapse in judgment with the Daschle debacle. It is refreshing, I must admit, to hear politicians say “my bad.”

Also hot in the news, Jessica Simpson’s weight gain and Chris Brown drama, because I guess we don’t have enough news to report. And this whole octuplet mom scandal. I’m skipping past the ethics question here for minute because I think the focus should be on these 14 kids, and not how hey got here. The media is reporting how no companies are forking over the freebies that other big families in the news get: The free houses and food and diapers and scholarships and formula and clothes and such. I can’t help but to think 14 kids are being punished because of this mother’s decision to have a huge family. Your mom’s an idiot, so suffer, little babies, suffer. No food for you.

Everyone seems to hate this mother. Even the grandmother — her own mother — is bad-mouthing her. To play devil’s advocate here, is it so wrong to want and have a large family? This, of course, leads into the question of having more kids than you can afford. But that in a way implies that large families then are only the right of the wealthy, and that is just wrong.

People seem to love the Duggars and their 18-and-counting kids. What is the difference? The fact that there is a mother and a father? The fact that they aren’t on welfare? I think it is luck that the Duggars don’t receive financial assistance. The father mentioned how he rents out land for cell phone towers. That pays a LOT of money. Our condo has a couple on our roof and we get six figures in “rent” a year for it. For tiny, three-foot towers that don’t do anything but take up air space. (We as in the building we, not we we). So that Duggar land is generating lots of tower money and that is just luck: Luck that a tower was needed in their area and luck that their land was high enough to support the tower.

Not everyone sits down and does financial planning before they have babies. If they did, I have a feeling there would be a lot less children in this world. Personally, would not like to have so many kids that I need to navigate the bloated social services system and rely on food stamps to supplement or grocery budget. Two is a nice number of children for us. Two we can put through college and grad school and help with down payments. Two we can keep in clothes and toys and hobbies. Two we can take on vacation. Four? No so much, literally. So we stop at two and count our blessings, and see what happens down the road. I don’t think it is right to have 14 kids and then exist on welfare and food stamps and the kindness of Corporate America, but the reality is some people do it, and children shouldn’t be made to suffer for it. It isn’t their fault they were born. And people have kids because they love kids and want a big family and big, noisy dinners and happy holiday reunions, not so they can get free diapers and a schedule of church ladies coming over to help at feeding time.

If Nadya was married, the media coverage would be different. If Nadya was wealthy, the media coverage would be different. But she is poor and single and has funny lips, so she is being very much attacked. She made her choices, and while I may not agree with them, it isn’t my life. But I feel sorry for those kids. My judgment: When the heck did she have time to get a manicure? In the interview footage I noticed her nails were all French manicured. And long, as in how do you change diapers long. That seems like a misuse of priorities.

And please, reporters and media outlets, it’s “transfer” and not “implant.” If only it were so easy to “implant.”

My last news point: This whole A-Rod thing: What a loser. Sorry if that offends some, but he denied ever taking steroids and he did, for years. So he is a liar. And why should we believe him now? Oh, suuuuuure, he only took it in Texas because he was under so much pressure and wanted to prove he was “worth,” as he said. No pressure at all, I’m sure, when he moved to New York and joined one of the most famous teams ever and started breaking records. That is the perfect time to quit steroids and just try to make it on your own. I think he should be tested daily. I wish he could be fired. On a side note, every time I see or hear a story about steroids, I think, hmmm, what can they do for me? I consider what it must be like to have the strength of three moms. Hmmmm… do I need a prescripion? Or do I just go hang out in a locker room to score some?

New words: Avery says mote, for remote, which is used to flick on the much loved Sesame Street. Boons means balloons. Knee. Up. Ook for book. And both say mess, usually after a meal, while pointing to the floor. Everyone's a critic.

And in personal current events, I met Role Playing With Kids and Wife his past weekend and it pissed me of in the end because I was mad they live so far away. Why can't ALL the people I like live in my building?!? Long-distance relationships are fine, but close-distance relationships are better.

Exciting news to announce soon! And, again, it has nothing to do with having babies. Well, not really.

Pictured above, a hodge podge: The girls on a walk; graffiti art and an entry from my nephew’s journal. He is in kindergarten and brilliant! (note to parents: Apparently Coraline is scary.)


SuzanneDeAZ said...

There is nothing about "luck" in the fact that the Duggars can raise their children without public assistance. The land that they rent out was not just luck, they had to work and invest in the property. It was not luck to be debt free, that took a lot of planning and years of living frugally. I do not see Mrs. Duggar with French fingernails or a lip job. Is it just luck that octumom got $165,000 for disability while collecting SSI for 3 disablied children? Is it luck that her own mother who is raising the kids did not get any of that $165,000? I think you have a different defination of "Luck" than most.

Carey said...

I think the Duggars are weird... I also don't get the fascination with Jon & Kate. I think they are both very different families, doing the exact same thing - pimping out their families for profit.

This new octuplet mom - I think she's craaaazzzzyyyy!!! I think her RE is an idiot & practices shady medicine. I too feel sorry for her kids.

And - how cool you got to meet K&J!!!! :)

K J and the kids said...

I agree kind of. I don't think that the wealthy should be the only ones to have lots of kids.
but I also find her doctor VERY irresponsible. It has nothing to do with the amount she has, more the amount she has at one time.

It really was such a treat to meet you. I too wished you lived here. :) ha ha
I guess you see where this is going. I can't live in NY. I would get clausterphobia. I need a yard to send my kids out to.
Move out west already ?!



A-rod does suck, and Obama over-kill is absurd. Right now in Brooklyn- I just walked by people selling photos of Obama in prayer and with a fucking halo. Give me a break.

I agree- the Octo mom is getting screwed because she is a single mom. A nut-job mom. But a single momother + SSI - Jon and Kate = public lynching.

One thing I think that does not suck- is the West side.


Oh- and I think other people getting screwed: Gay couples (of certain "family" income income levels)in this new stimulus package for new home buyers. yuck.

CD and SP said...

I don't have much to say on the controversial topics. But...as a first grade teacher, I would say, yes, your nephew is quite brilliant. That's some pretty great writing for a K (or 1 or 2)!!

Anonymous said...

The Duggars are weirdly fascinating, Jon and Kate, not so much, and The Octo-Mum is a little loopy.

Oh, your beautiful girls!