Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Playdates and Museums and Untraditionally Romantic Valentine's Gifts

Perhaps the cutest word milestone occurred yesterday when I heard Avery utter “Maddie” for the first time. We were at my friend Jen’s house for a playdate (which is child speak for Children Please For the Love of God Entertain Each Other While You’re Mommies Decompress), and I had the luxury of a driveway, which meant I could bring one baby out to the car at a time. Oh, the novelty, the ease, the sweet sweet convenience. So I brought Avery out, and while I was snapping her in her seat she said “Maddie?” and pointed toward the house. I guess she thought we were going to leave her. Later on that night, she trotted out that word three times for Nicole, much to our glee.

Nicole gave me a GPS for Valentine’s Day, which she gave a romantic spin with a card about the adventures we will have together, safely guided by this new TomTom. Lost and found metaphors abound. I wanted to give it a name and suggested Amelia after Amelia Earhart, which Nicole overruled because “…she got lost and died.” Good point. As my friend Tim pointed out, that is like naming your boat Titanic. Or your space shuttle Apollo 13. Or your new blimp the Hindenburg. So for now I call it Vasco, after De Gamma, until a better name comes to me. Suggestions?

I used Vasco to get to my friend Jen’s house yesterday and it was amazing. I tend to get lost pretty quickly because I can’t read directions and drive at the same time. I’ve been to Jen’s plenty of times but always get confused on the nine-lane Jersey highways on which you need to be in an Exact Lane at an Exact Time or you end out 16 miles out of your way. One wrong move and suddenly I am at the Delaware Water Gap. So this new GPS gives me driving confidence and suddenly I feel invincible. I am ready to take some long distance trips. And I love that no matter where I am, I can just press a button and will be guided home.

There was a bonus Jen at Jen’s house: Yes, three Jen’s in one house. The other Jen is Jen’s college friend, who I really like, who was visiting from Pennsylvania. One my way home, I was thinking “Oh, that was so nice” and was amazed that we were able to talk about toxic relationships, parent relationships, Octo-mom, life’s challenges, sexism, eating disorders and fertility challenges while also minding our collective six kids. Then those angry feelings seeped in once again as I became bitter that people I like don’t live in my apartment building. I mean, is that too much to ask? I guess I could try to befriend that woman on the 5th floor with a baby the exact age as my girls. But her nasty glares and refusal to look at me and constant scowls kinda puts me off. Call me sensitive. At least the nanny is nice to me when I see her in the laundry room, which is the only time the three girls can interact.

Pictured above, is it me or does Maddie look a little like Katherine Hepburn, with her crazy hair? My friend Jen says she looks like Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein. Also pictured, Avery giving her infamous look. Do not cross her. Also pictured, our Valentine’s Day trip to the Museum of Natural History. We went with my brother’s family. This is the best cousin picture we could get.


M said...

how about naming your GPS Annemarie, after Annemarie Schwarzenbach who DROVE (yes, by car) from Europe to Kabul in 1939?
Ok, so she died - but Vasco DaGama also died. And she didn't die in her car (but because of an accident she had while biking.) (Lesson to learn: stay in your car and off your bike?)
AND she was very beautiful.
And she was a lesbian.

I do wonder if anybody else can beat that suggestion...

f said...

Haha that was pretty good. AnneMarie TomTom the lesbian.

I wish all my peeps lived with me too. In a big compound. With no scowly people on the 5th floor.

But we're still patiently waiting for The Big (not Baby) News!!

K J and the kids said...

Young Frankenstein ROCKED :)
"I have 2 laundry for your shirts and one for your poo poo undies."

We aren't as unique with names. When renting a car in your fine city we named our GPS Margarite. well and you know Baverly. :)

Glad you had a good play date.

bleu said...

I just got a GPS this last x-mas and I swear it is like TIVO. Once you have it you cannot imagine life without it.

Moira said...

I love my GPS, but have not been creative enough to name it. Oh, how I lust for a driveway -- double parking while trying to get twins (and all their "stuff") in the car in NYC is no fun at all. I am also jealous of the wonderful adult conversation you managed -- that much chat could keep me going for a few says. It's challenging being a SAHM when your friends are not nearby, or are all working. Have you tried the creative play classes? A and M love the music.

rebecca said...

yes, katherine hepburn! they are both beautiful, in totally different ways. from what i can glean from pics, madeline looks like you and avery looks like nicole. anyway, they are both too adorable.

Tammy said...

My GPS is named Margo. We love the movie Christmas Vacation and I love Margo and her husband Brad. Brad says, when usually very frustrated: "I don't KNOW, Margo"
I got mine for Christmas and we were watching the movie, know. Anyway, I love reading your blog.