Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Need To Get Back To Work, But First.....

• I took the girls to the beach yesterday and they loved it. They played with driftwood and rocks and dried up pieces of seaweed and laughed at the seagulls. The sand was tricky to walk in for them, which slowed them down a bit, so I was okay if they were more than ten steps away from me. Their reduced speed reminded me that I wanted to explore using ankle weights or weighted vests on the girls to dampen their speed.

• I am not good at feeding myself when Nicole is gone. The first night, I skipped dinner. Last night I had a peanut butter sandwich. I skipped lunch today because I sat down instead to write this. Tonight I have no dinner plans and think I will eat pretzels instead.

• I sleep terribly when Nicole is away. I fall asleep reading my Scrabble strategy book and wake up throughout the night. I’m pretty certain I hear tree branches scratching on the windows (there are no tree branches round these here parts) and I swear I hear footsteps on the roof, which would be very scary, as we live on the to floor. I can’t wait till the girls are older, so they can sleep with me because I am scared sleeping alone. Maybe I need a nightlight.

• My free time was shrunk to about zero minutes per day. I am editing a book, which is extremely time consuming. The deadline is fast approaching, too. It feels really good, though, to be using a brain skill set that I don’t exercise that often. It makes me miss the journalism life. Someone needs to jump in here and remind me how not great that life is.

• Nicole comes back on Friday. We are going to a BBQ at our friend’s on Saturday, but Sunday is all about mass quantities of editing. Then there is Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday we leave for Northampton. And then Friday the big event.

• Suddenly, when I am all alone with no relief in sight, it is critical for me to get a manicure, a pedicure and see a movie. Of course, if Nicole were home I be content to remain on the couch or lounging in bed, doing my work.

• We are pretty sure Avery is trying to sing the ABC song. Avery also likes to climb more than ever. First word was Abby and second word is pee pee. Again, these are words used in context. I think she said “bye-bye pee pee” when I changed her diaper yesterday. She waved bye bye to mommy when we did a video chat this morning. Madeline is quite the helper. When it is clean up time before bed, she picks up everything and puts it back where it goes. She even flattens herself on the floor and sticks her hand under chairs and couches to extract hidden toys. Avery, on the other hand, comes over to the bag we are filling and turns it over to dump its contents on the floor again.

• Pictured above, problem & temporary solution. And Madeline crowns Avery Queen of All She Surveys.


Merr said...

We used a bungee cord on the drawers. Just hooked it on the top left nob down to the bottom right nob. It worked great!

Anonymous said...

We put our kids' dresser in the closet. Not sure if you have room, but it worked great for us and gave us more space in the room. Since their hanging clothes are so short, we still have the same amount of room.

As for the former life of a journalist, I too got to return to my past glory last week writing a special section (read: advertorial) for a casino resort grand opening. 25 stories! It was a blast, but I must admit the call of the wild (my twins) was pretty strong, and I don't think I'll be taking anymore lengthy assignments like that for a while. Enjoy it!

Malea said...

You still haven't shown us what the two of you are going to wear?

calliope said...

too bad there isn't a way to have a manicure delivered. Man, I wish so many things could just be delivered with the ease that Chinese food is. Which reminds me- eat some food tonight!

And another question- are you guys registered anywhere???

Anonymous said...

JUst poppin in to say hi. I don't even know if you read my blog., but I have had alot of stuff going on. But When I get time on the computer I check in with you. Denise