Thursday, April 24, 2008

Our Routine Routine, Which Is Not Always Routine

I am all for unions and strikes, I really am, but when said union is striking six floors below me at the building across the street, and they have a drum, cowbell, a veritable marching band and, inexplicably, a coffin, I need to draw a line. I applaud their theatrics, and I do get a bit of a lump in my throat as I watch gray haired men carry sign asking for safe working conditions and the right to not be exposed to asbestos. But my union support ebbs temporarily at naptime. I have no idea how the girls are going to sleep through this. As it was, Avery was bopping to the music during breakfast.

And they really need this nap. It as been a packed few days. I have been out two nights in a row—once to visit one of my best friend’s new baby and the next night to see my friend’s uncle’s band in the Village. Staying out late two nights in a row is not the norm anymore. And wow am I tired.

Their daytime routine has been disrupted as well. Yesterday I walked over to the east side for a play date with our friend. The girls were thrilled to be in a new playroom with new toys. Madeline laid claim to all of the maracas and both girls marked their territory by chewing and drooling on every toy in the room, which was no easy feat (sorry about that, Auntie G). It was fun to spend time with my friend and see the girls interacting in a different environment, but lunch time was a nightmare. My friend’s daughters are out of high chairs so I had to feed my girls in the stroller. Avery went on a hunger strike and refused to eat: If her meal time morsels aren’t splayed out in front of her on a tray for her choosing, then she wants nothing to do with it. Madeline did a little better but in the end only ate a few pieces of chicken bits from my salad and a thousand strawberry puffs. They didn’t get their afternoon nap, which threw them off too. These girls are such creatures of habit and I think they really like their routine, and their routine is eating and napping at home. When their routine is disrupted, they get confused, as if they are thinking “Should I be happy now? Should I be screaming now? Is this the point when I demand to be held?” Like mothers, like daughters.

After that, we walked over to Mommy’s office on the way home. Everyone there is so nice, but sometimes I wonder if they really like me and the girls or if they know they are supposed to like the boss’s wife and their kids. One even offered to baby-sit, and it isn’t even bonus season. The girls loved crawling around on the floor and Avery entertained us by crawling into the glass wall many, many times. She thought she could crawl through it, like some sort of baby super hero. It was very funny to watch. I wonder what Nicole’s employees thought as we sat their laughing at Miss Avery trying to walk through walls.

On Friday and Saturday we will be on Long Island to visit with Nicole’s parents, who are up from Florida for Russell’s communion. That means next two days will be off schedule as well. So today is all about getting back to the routine. Nothing is on the schedule but a trip up to Kate’s Papiere to buy cards and a nice walk outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. And pudding for me.

Is there such a thing as giving your children too much pasta? I feel inclined to say to the girls that they are gong to turn into a piece of pasta, as my own mother told me, because they eat it so much. But, she also said I was going to turn into a piece of chicken, English muffins, Alba 77 shakes with peanut butter, and pretzels, and I never did. The girls are loving pasta with tomato sauce, so much so that I even gave them some for breakfast today because they have recently started to refuse to eat toast or waffles. I started giving them Corn Pops, but Nicole informed me that they are filled with sugar and used to be called Sugar Pops until the marketing committee realized consumers were stepping away for things that were bad for them, or at least things with names that reminded them that it was bad for them. They still eat Cheerios and fruit (on and off) but otherwise breakfast is a challenge. Lunch is pasta and cheese or chicken cutlets and veggies. And dinner is the same. I need to start using a little more variety. I can eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner for weeks on end. But should I subject my children to that?

I started taking vitamin B-12 supplement and think I have noticed a significant increase in energy. It could be placebo effect or the spring weather, but still, I feel like it is working. Does anyone else take B-12 and if you do, do you feel like it is helping energy levels?

Coming Saturday, seersucker family portrait!

Pictured above, Avery and Mommy getting some work done. And below that, sisterly love!


JB said...

Yes, taking B vitamins has really helped my energy levels. I can completely tell when I forget to take them! It's almost equivalent to a second cup of coffee!

CCB said...

Welcome back! I thought you were gone forever!

suz said...

First, I think everyone at the office is nice because babies bring out the best in people. Traveling alone with my baby convinced me of that - never have I had so many offers for help, not when I had a broken leg or was pregnant.

About breakfast, what about pancakes? I make them for my daughter and add some flax and she loves them. I also have a great healthy muffin recipe that I make with berries and she goes crazy for those too.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have found that vitamin b12 increases my energy significantly.

On another note, I LOVE the Gymboree turtle dresses on the babies. They are so cute! I have been considering buying one of the seersucker ones that have for my little girl.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have found that vitamin b12 increases my energy significantly.

On another note, I LOVE the Gymboree turtle dresses on the babies. They are so cute! I have been considering buying one of the seersucker ones that have for my little girl.

calliope said...

must go to store to get b12...

You have to quit thinking that Nicole's underlings don't dig you. What is NOT to like? You are warm and funny and appreciative.

Kate’s I miss that place. I think if I could have a Kate's, an Ikea, an H&M (with plus sizes), an ABC Carpet & Home, a Whole Foods, a bonus Trader Joe's and a Zen Pallet available to me I might never complain about anything ever again.


Kerry Lynn said...

I think I have some b12 at home. I'll try it!

I give my kids puffins or kashi cereal. All good stuff in them.

I saw seersucker shorts at walmart today and thought of you. HAHA


I would like to think I could guess if someone realllly liked us and wanted to watch our children. I am a polly-anna-fuck type...and think everyone has true motives. What a smuck I am???

I need some left over B shots. This round the clock cofee aint working..

thetwinkle said...

i reckon nicole's people really like you and the girls. like calliope said, what's not to like?

the girls' hair is getting really long.

the twinkle has that push-toy that the girls are playing with there. the music could drive you nuts but we have made up words to go with the music, singing the twinkle's name in time to the music. i can have it stuck in my head for a whole day at work sometimes.