Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It Was Bound To Happen

Sickness has infiltrated our home. I can’t complain because this is the first time, really, this winter. It started with Madeline, who developed a runny nose and then a super high fever. She was panting and had a dry cough (not a croupy cough). It got to over 104 in the middle of the night, so I had to get in a very uncomfortable bath with her to bring her temperature down. We called the doctor, who said there is a virus going around with runny noses and high fevers, but it should be gone within three days. Fingers crossed.

Madeline has been sleeping with us for the past couple of days and I see no earthly reason why this child would want to return to her crib. She gets to sleep in a big bed between her two mommies and when she stirs, both mommies reach out to comfort her with gentle massages and soothing words. What baby in her right mind would walk away from that? I anticipate a difficult return to crib-sleeping.

Avery, in the meantime, is sleeping like a champ all by her lonesome. It makes me sad, with the three of us in one room and Avery all by herself in another. But without Madeline in the room, she sleeps a solid 12, 13 hours a night, waking at a leisurely 6:00 or 6:30, as opposed to Madeline’s much earlier risings.

So far, Avery seems to have dodged the sick bullet. But I am sure that is just an allusion. I am prepared for anything.

On the current events (entertainment-related…I am too tired to talk about the Spitzer mess), is anyone else annoyed at the Lisa Marie Presley thing? That she was forced by the media to defend her fatness by telling the world she is pregnant? And she is pissed. I read somewhere also that she is suing some tabloid because she didn’t want to have to tell the world she was pregnant. And the thing is, she didn’t HAVE to tell, but she couldn’t sit back and let people think she was fat (like that is the worst thing in the world, to be fat). This all is probably not making sense, so let’s just wrap up with I think she is overreacting a bit. That’s just my opinion.

Shouldn’t Lexapro should be taking care of this sort of thought process? Or am I expecting too much from one little pill? I was hoping it would be a bitter-vacuum, and that it would suck away these sort of thoughts. Is this an appropriate thing to be upset about? It isn’t keeping me up at night (that would be the sickly Maddie), but it is obviously bothering me enough to write about.

So I was researching Lexapro last night and discovered Oxycontin. Sign me up! Did you know it can produce feeling of euphoria that can last up to eight hours! Why is this an illegal drug!? I’m kidding—I know this is the Hillbilly Heroin (which seems like such an elist/classist way to describe it) but part of me really does wonder why something like this can’t be packaged in a more user-friendly, over-the-counter sort of way. Because euphoria feels really good. I can totally see how people get hooked on these sort of drugs.

Pictured above, the little trooper, Miss Madeline. Yes, she is shirtless in a bib and in a high chair, eating peas and carrots. She spent the day in her diaper. We did everything we could to keep her body temperature down, which isn’t easy in a NYC apartment/sauna.

* Updated to add: Take that sticker away from Avery. After I posted last night, she woke up and proceeded to stay up for HOURS. She would fall asleep in my arms, and I would put her down and she would cry. This happened three times, over the span of two hours. Nicole came in to give it a go and I went and cuddled with Maddie. It took Nicole another two hours before she went back to bed and stayed in bed. WTF???


K J and the kids said...

Sorry the little dumpling got sick.
I hope everyone steers clear.

Denise said...

Oh poor baby.

MsPrufrock said...

Ugh. My daughter had a fever of 104 for a few days straight months ago. Her cheeks looked just Madeline's - bright red and very flushed. Poor babies. P ran around in just a nappy for all of that time as well, with me constantly chasing her with a damp cloth to cool her down.

I hope she gets better soon and doesn't pass the miserableness on to the rest of you!

Blue Pearl said...

Poor little Madeline. Her face seems to be looking more like you lately.

Would you happen to know/be able to reassure that all is well with Eggs in the Apple? Feeling concerned.

Anonymous said...

Just checking in. Still not drinking at home. I had a few days ok four nights last week that I drank. Now the alcohol is gone. I don't plan on buying any.I am back on track now.But man oh man am I craving sweets. I get up in the middle of the night and roam around looking for goodies.

suz said...

I have read so many of your posts and thought that your girls are so similar to my daughter who is just two days older. Seriously - facial expressions, developmental stuff, etc. and now I'm freaked out because I read today's post after having spent the past couple of days with a runny nosed crabby baby who did exactly what you described with Avery. We're living parallel lives! For us it started on Sunday and today seems much better but so far it was 2 really bad nights and last night was not as bad -up a few times but not for 2-3 hours like the previous nights. Hopefully you are soon through the worst of it.