Monday, December 10, 2007

Rainy Days and Mondays

Why are clementines ONLY sold in boxes of about six dozen? Is there some sort of Clementine cartel? Try as I may, and I really do, I never manage to eat them all before a layer or two become rotten, the skin separating from ball of citrus meat which then rattles around inside. Who needs a couple dozen clementines at once? Why can’t they sell then like EVERY other and vegetable and fruit (other than berries), in such a manner that let’s you decide how many you need. Every year I look forward to Clementine season and every year I toss out about half of which I buy. When people come over I end up pushing clementines on them…no, really, please take twelve home with you.

I can’t believe that Christmas is around the corner. We don’t even have a tree yet, which is infinitely disappointing since I am the type that puts up a tree on Thanksgiving weekend. But the weekends are just flying by, and all we have done is place a few snowmen around the house. I will consider this holiday season a success if we can get a tree up before Christmas and if I can make it through to January without hearing the damn barking jingle bells song.

In a move that can only be chalked up to denial, I am buying books like a person who has time to read them. Unless I am sentenced to a few months in jail (always a possibility) there is no way I will get through my stack of books. Fiction, nonfiction, how-to guides, cookbooks. I can’t stop buying them and stacking them up on my nightstand. This is akin to my magazine addiction. I have loved magazines since I could read. As a child I was a regular reader of such journalistic wonders as Sticker Magazine, Teen, Seventeen, Young Miss-turned YM, Mad, Crack’d. Nothing made me happier than having a neat little stack in my room, to be read while eating gummi bears. It’s no wonder that I ended up working at magazines as an adult. If you believe the theory (and I do) that you read magazines that represent the you you want to be, then you can tell a lot about me based on my stack: Martha Stewart, Runner’s World, Country Home (a new addition to my list), and the Pottery Barn catalog.

Anyone see that article in Newsweek on fertility and diet? I bought this issue, lured in by the promise of some groundbreaking discovery, like raw potatoes increases fertility by 70 percent or something else bizarre. Instead it was yet another rehashing of eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less carbohydrates, limited fats and oils and go easy on the meat. How is this groundbreaking? That was pretty much my diet anyway and it still took me years to conceive. When will this be moved to the old news file?

A friend of mine said to try to be the parent you want your children to be someday to their own kids. I keep turning this around and around in my head. It’s really great advice and makes me look at my day-to-day life in a different way. But, like all things, great theory; difficult to execute. Today is stretching before me and it is overwhelming. I feel like I overuse that word to the point of diluting its meaning. But it is overwhelming on a day like today, when it is raining so going out with the babies is out of the question. It should be outlawed, rainy days and mondays at the same time. I totally get that Carpenter song now.

Speaking of bad moms…Avery is watching the Today Show while I am sitting here with my computer (Maddie is napping). And a magazine editor who shall remain nameless is on TV defending the theory that there is such a thing as being too clean. A segment on how to shower and takes baths and deodorant soaps. Meredith Viera’s journalist credentials just dipped as she asked “How often should I wash my towels?” This is why I ended up leaving the magazine world, because things like this don’t deserve segments on the morning news.

Here's a fun real estate game, for anyone who is interested in these sorta things. Look at these two places. One is a two bedroom, two bath condo on the Upper West Side here in NYC. Here is a link to the NYC listing The other is a four bedroom, three bath house in Massachusetts with 650 feet of riverfront. Here is that link to the Massachusetts home. For the NYC place, try to scroll down and look at the pics and the floor plan. Skip the middle section where the price is listed. And for the Mass place, the price isn't listed on that site so browse away. I'm curious what you think these places should cost? Which is more expensive? How much would you pay to live in either place?

Above, Maddie and her's both food AND fun.



I was shocked this morning- when I heard Meredith Veira say that only 68 percent shower every day. Really? That seems incredibly low. Why should Meredith do stories about Iraq, or uh the fact that gays will not be included on hate crime legislation. Scary stuff.

I would pay large sums of money to live in Manhattan if I was near Zabars. I would say that place should be about 750,000. The place in Mass should be about 1.3 million....but probably goes for 750,000. That is my guess. Gorgeous home.


oh- I meant to add on this crappy, Monday morning- that your writing rocks. My partner (moira) and I both find it really funny and inspiring for all those struggling with fertility and motherhood (not that you are struggling)...but I have a deep knowing fear that I will in a few months.


Shelli said...

See, there's the problem. Those shows AREN'T news shows - they are "breakfast television."

And yes, when home, I'll turn on the today show. But I must remind myself, it's not called "today's NEWS," but TODAY.

They have a 30 second news "segment."

But it ain't news.


calliope said...

mmmmmmmmmm...clementines. I had one just this weekend.

And I get so annoyed with the morning talk shows- even CNN morning shows are starting to blow!

let's start a magazine together.

Shelli said...

being one of the types who gets into a visible depression if the real estate section is MISSING G-d forbid from my Sunday times, I LOVE this game.

We are CONSTANTLY surprised at what a 2 bedroom 2 bath can buy you "upstate."

We need a 3 bedroom at this point. Ugh - but as we'll only get about 500k for our place, we're stuck until we move out of state...

But let's see - location, location, location - so yeah, actually 1.3 is kind of cheap for the west end ave locale, and the upstate place is probably 2 mil and change - a mere pittance - because it's a HUGE house, but it's in the middle of nowhere. Take that house and put it elsewhere, it'd be a 20 mil estate, but in the boondocks, probably only 2 mil or so.

I work in Riverdale, and constantly DROOL at the ginormous houses in Fieldston - none more than 3 mil. ahhhh, to have a big house away from the center, or a smaller one closer to it - THAT is the penultimate question!

CD & SP said...

WHY WE MOVED OUT OF NYC! Both teachers, no hope of ever having an affordable two-bedroom in the neighborhood we'd been living in (UES). We could never afford that western mass home, but live here now and i love my little house (which is mighty affordable, too) just fine!

snowballs said...

You wrote "A friend of mine said to try to be the parent you want your children to be someday to their own kids." What if Maddie and Avery decide they do not want kids of can not have kids when they get older? Then you spent your entire life trying to be the parent you-want-your-children-to be-someday-to-their-own-kids all in vain. Don't spend too much time turning your friends advice around in your head . . . you might experience nausea and vomiting.