Monday, October 22, 2007

Karma Deposit

Really, no one deserves to be experiencing what this woman
is experiencing. After all the hell she has been through and now this….a false positive hepatitis C test has stopped her shared donor IVF cycle in its tracks. Due to federal laws, the egg recipient is out of the picture, period, end of story. But to have to throw away her 20 or so perfectly perfect eggs because of a lack of money? There ought to be a law.

Insurance-less, she is paying for everything out of her pocket. And her pocket is pretty lean, since she is currently not working so she can be her grandmother’s 24-hour a day caretaker. Talk about selfless....

Think of this as a deposit into your karma account…and donate something/anything to Cal’s cause. When have you had the chance to be a part of creating a life? Seriously, any bit helps. There is a Donate to IVF button on the right.

Pictured above, fall leaves for Calliope. On top of everything, on her trip up north for cycle monitoring, she doesn’t even get to experience the beauty of fall, since we are in the middle of a global warming heat wave up here in the northeast.


Julie said...

You are the third person I have seen to blog about this...I guess the third time's the charm..hope my little bit helps.

gypsygrrl said...

LOVE the fall leaves...
already been to cali's and left a little gift of HOPE.

ya'll are amazing the way you rally around each other.

Calliope said...

thank you for the tree porn and a million other things.