Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fall! Fall! Fall!

I, for one, am thrilled to bits that summer is over. I have never been a fan of hot, humid, sticky weather. Fall is my favorite season (leaf peeping, apples, crisp fall night air, apple cider, cozy sweaters, impending holiday season…) so Labor day, celebrated (or lamented) as the unofficial end of summer for most, is the unofficial start (celebration) of fall for me.

Exactly a year ago on this day I have marked on my iCal that I had a therapy appointment at 2:00 and I had to take the BC pill. What a time warp. I was in the middle of the IVF cycle that would result in the little monsters babies who are both sleeping peacefully right now, thankfully. Thankfully that they are sleeping and that they are here. I still look at them and think what little miracles they are.

Anyone catch Bill Clinton’s interview on the Today Show? Wow, he really fumbled the Larry Craig question. I’m sure he wanted to steer clear of any talk of sexual impropriety in politics. And then Gov. McGreevey’s ex wife is on the show to comment on this scandal? Do we have so little to talk about in current events that the pithy thoughts of a politician’s ex is relevant?? Too much pith for my morning. And, as far I know, this Senator Craig did not come out of the closet as a Gay American (yet), like McGreevey.

In my own current events, I finally quit my gym and joined a better one. My old gym, named after a precious metal that is both beaten into baubles and held on deposit in the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, is filled with lots of grunting men built like superheroes who walk around drinking water out of gallon jugs, as well as dirty, broken equipment and televisions constantly set to ESPN and infomercials. You can wring the sweat out f the little mats. It has this dank smell, half basement and half sweaty men, with a touch of steroids. I stuck it out for four years because it is a three-minute walk from my apartment and it opens at 5:00 a.m. I am one of those freaks that goes that early and we all know that gym attendance is based on location, location, location.

I wanted to join the gym named after the event when the sun is directly above the earth's equator, but they don’t open as early. Plus, it is a (gasp) ten-minute walk from home. The ubiquitous NYSC also opens later than I like, and I don’t like the ones in my neighborhood. So I joined this gym and I love it. It is such a nice, airy space and the equipment is all new and the locker room is amazing. And it is a six-minute walk from home! It is so nice to be back at a gym that I can enjoy being in.

Pictured above is maddie in her first bathing suit. We were poolside over the weekend, but she did not swim. I’m not even sure if they are allowed in chlorinated pools yet. But she (and Avery) looked very cute in their suits.


K J and the kids said...

Congratulations on the new gym.
I still hate you for being able to go.
SUCH cute pictures. They are getting so big.

ajs4ever said...

Good luck with the gym! You are more disciplined that I am!!

Motel Manager said...

Congrats on the new gym! It makes such a difference if you can go somewhere nice and inspiring. As long as it's close by.

I love the swimsuit on Maddie!

sarzini said...

I've been looking for a gym in the HK neighborhood for ages. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting that link! I never even knew it existed and with childcare to boot!

Maddie is so cute in that swimsuit!