Monday, August 06, 2007

Politics/Memories/Sleep/Eye Contact

Bush approves a bill allowing for even MORE Big Brotheresque eavesdropping. And he vetoes a bill that would provide health care coverage to three million children. Anyone else think there is something wrong with this country?

In other current even news of the weird, am I the only one who thinks that Murdoch buying the Wall Street Journal is a bit like Voldemort buying The Daily Prophet? (I have Harry Potter on the brain, as I am still trying to read the last book.) What is the city coming to?

I technically have nothing against Mr. Murdoch, because I had one encounter (sort of) with him that was pleasantly memorable. I used to live on a boat at a marina here in New York City. Murdoch married his latest wife on his boat, a huge over 100-foot beautiful sailboat that is strong enough to cross oceans. His boat remained dock across from mine for some time, blocking my view (bad thing) but also blocking some of the wakes that rocked my boat (good thing). On the night of his wedding there were so many glittery dressed-to-the-nines people on my dock, and then there was me, dressed in shorts and a bathing suit top, on my boat, drinking in the scene.

When the boat returned to the dock (after a firework show in the harbor that I could see) the dock boys were gone for the night so I ran down to catch the lines. Now this is quite an undertaking with these big boats: They have engines on the bow and stern to glide the boat to the dock but they still need to get a line on the bow and stern and a couple of spring lines in between or else they risk damaging the hull. The ropes for his boat are as thick as the diameter of my tight and attached to weighted balls to make the throwing easier. So I caught the lines and tied them off on the cleat and as a thank you Mr. Murdoch sent over a bottle of champagne. A very very expensive bottle of champagne, the kind billionaires buy. How cool is that? Still, I dislike his politics. And I still think it is weird that he is buying the Journal.

Right now both babies are sleeping and Nanny Annie is here so life is pretty good! We (Nicole and I, that is) had a couple of good nights in a row. I don’t want to jinx it so I am not going to talk about it yet. But it is getting a little better. Maddie still needs to sleep with Nicole. And Avery occasionally likes to get up hourly for breastsnacking. But I have more energy during the day. Or maybe that energy is coming from the gym. I have lost all perspective.

In an attempt to understand why the babies can be so (adorably) devilish, Nicole is tearing through different baby books. Almost every week she comes home with “I was talking to (insert random name here) and he said that (insert random book here) changed his life with his baby (or babies).” And so off I go to B&N to buy said book, which she reads, and then attempts to incorporate into our lives somehow. I think we are following too many systems to be effective. One system allotted time in the schedule of the day for me to wash and sterilize bottles. It also told me when I was “allowed” to talk to my babies and look in their eyes. I want them sleeping better and eating more less often, but not at the sacrifice of eye contact. Good grief.

Anyone ever read anything by Adrienne Rich? I just bought her book and can’t wait to read it, in my spare time. A feminist perspective on motherhood. One quote of hers I read was quite profound.

In cute news, the girls are now wearing pajamas. Yes, after 9 weeks on this earth they finally get taken out of their day onesies and put into nighttime sleepers. They look adorable in them, like Sweet Pea! They are also smiling more and cooing more. And I swear Avery laughed today when she got into BFing position. Just like her (other) mother, she suffers from food excitement!


Anonymous said...

George Bush needs to be shot. Can I get arrested for saying that? More importantly- your kids are awesome and living in the marina here in NYC is pretty hot. Very impressive blog entry.


calliope said...

I am SO freaked out about Murdoch and the WSJ. I mean really freaked.
but awesome story about living on a boat. I'd love to hear more about that- I never knew you were a pirate girl!

The girls look so cute!


Emory Student Midwife said...

I've read quite a few things by Adrienne Rich but nothing on motherhood. What is the title so I can pick this book up?

Motel Manager said...

Did you read the recent New Yorker piece on Murdoch? I'm guessing you've been too busy. :) Basically, what I took away from it was that no one should believe for one second that he's going to stay out of the newsroom since he's always promised to do so on his past acquisitions and, well, look at them now.

I hope the little ladies continue to work on their sleeping, smiling, and laughing!

Melinda said...

Wait. You lived on a boat?? More on that please!

K J and the kids said...

All of that boat talk was terribly confusing and impresive. I know what a dock is, and a sail.
The rest is a mystery. :)

You were nice to save his boat some damage. I think a bottle of leftover champagne was the LEAST he could do.

He's almost gone. He's almost OUT OF OFFICE ! Why he hasn't been impeached is BEYOND me.

I am so happy that the girls are doing better. They are the most beautiful little girls. Seriously...good job on the baby making. I hope you do it again :) ha ha

J-Le said...

your little girls are looking very grown up!