Thursday, August 23, 2007

Northampton! Cape Cod! Salvation!

We leave tomorrow for our vacation and I am so excited I can barely take it. I have been counting the days for weeks now. Today I am packing, which is a labor of love for me, so today is a good day too. Tomorrow I wake up, feed a baby, go to the gym, pack the car and we are off.

It will be interesting to vacation with the girls. I can’t wait to show them a world outside the city and the town that may become their future vacation-home location. I still can’t believe we will be in Northampton with our children. I remember looking at real estate up there one weekend when I was pregnant. We told the agent I was pregnant and it was all so exciting. We were driving around, going from house to house, and I was in so much pain. Every bump in the road ricocheted pain through my body. I hard a hard time getting up from a sitting position. I felt such physical pressure that I chalked up to pregnancy pain. That turned out to be the ectopic pregnancy. We have spent so many post-miscarriage weekends, waiting-for-the-beta-call weekends and TTC weekends in that town. We have celebrated there and mourned there. We have spent two new year’s there. It seemed like we would never be there with kids. And now we are setting off with our two daughters and I can’t wait. I’m just sad that they are too young to indulge in Herrell’s delicious Burnt Sugar and Butter ice cream!

I am getting my hair cut today, which is always a bit terrifying. I am hair-cut phobic. I’ve had a few bad hair cuts in my time, so I am cautious. I usually just take an inch off (straight line) and that’s it. I have to color my hair too because the gray is coming in like crazy, but that is next week’s appointment. I don’t have the patience to sit in a chair for that long at one time anymore. Today is just the cut. I wish I had the guts to do something dramatic. We’ll see.

I’ll be updating on the road on my picture website I am borrowing my SIL’s giant paparazzi-esque zoom lens, so I will hopefully have some great pictures. My camera bag is almost as big as the diaper bag.

Pictured above is the baby know as Captain von Snifflesworth, Captain von Wigglesworth, Smiley, Scoochi, Aviator, Aves and Avery.


K J and the kids said...

You have come a long way.
I'm so happy for your family.

Can't wait to see pictures !

calliope said...

HURRAH! I am so glad it is vacation eve & tomorrow is THE DAY!
how exciting to finally be able to bring your children to such a special place.
I hope you all have a fantastic time.

nailgirl said...


Katie said...

Have tons of fun.

I am a bit hair-cut phobic myself. I will only let 1 hairdresser cut my hair and I have been with her since I was 13! Even when I went to university I would still drive back to my home town to get my hair cut. Good Luck!

Kristen D. said...

Mmm...I miss Northampton...and Herrell's. I went to UMass and haven't been back since I graduated in '91.

Hope you and your family have lots of fun!