Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Nice Day, Huh?

This morning at the gym, REM’s “It’s The End of the World As We Know It” came on my iPod just as a montage of Bush came on cnn. Coincidence?

Yesterday I packed up the girls and headed to my brother and sister-in-law’s boat for the day. It was me and Mina and four kids. Slightly chaotic but it was so great to be outside, in the sun, relaxing on the water.

It brought back good memories of living on a boat, but it was so different. It’s amazing to think how much my life has changed since those days. Back then, on a day like yesterday, I’d be lying out in the sun in a bathing suit, with the stereo turned up louder than it should be, possibly enjoying a drink or twelve if it was after 12:00, flipping through magazines. Maybe taking cigarette breaks. Not a care in the world. Yesterday I was mainly in the shade, changing diapers and breastfeeding the hungry Avery. It’s funny to think that I used to occasionally lay out topless and now I am occasionally topless again on a boat, for very different reasons. I like it better the latter way .

I even got to take a 20 minute cat nap while the girls slept and Mina kept an eye on everything. I was sprawled out on the bow, laying on my stomach, lulled by the water lapping at the boat and the gentle rocking. My mini-nap was cut short when my hurricane of a nephew joined me. He was running around the bow, apparently fascinated by the sun, the water, the sound of his feet, me, the rail, other boats, the sun, the fishies, the clouds, the city skyline, his scooter. In other words, anything. And he had a comment about everything. I got him to calm down and lay next to me. For about three seconds he was silent, and then he turned to me and said “Nice day, huh?”

He is so cute.

The other day when he was here at our apartment he went crazy when he saw that we put a new carpet down in the entry way. He was so excited, as if he found a secret toy room or a stash of candy. Over the moon over a carpet. He was literally dancing with joy.

We had an amazing night a couple of days ago. Avery slept from 8:30 until 4:30! And Maddie went five hours before waking for more food. I hoped this meant we were turning the corner and had high hopes for last night. Alas, not as good as the night before. Avery went to bed at 8:30 and woke up at 12:30 and 4:30. Then she decided to start her day at 6:45. Maddie is Nicole’s charge so I am not sure of her waking times.

All in all it is MUCH better than before, without a doubt. I can handle waking up once in the middle of the night and once in the wee hours of the morning. What I do now is after Avery’s 4:30 feeding I change and go to the gym (it opens at 5:00). And that workout gives me the energy to get through the day. Well, that and the espresso I have started drinking every morning.

Next week we are going to Cape Cod for a mini vacation and I am so excited. I pack the car every day in my head (I love packing for road trips) and try to visualize happy, sleepy, like-being-in-the-car babies. We are going to a wedding there on Saturday, which means they will be wearing their adorable dresses. And I will have to get dressed up too. It will be a nice change from tank tops and flip-flops, my summer wardrobe. And maybe a chance for our first family portrait!

I am solo this week. And maybe next. There was an unexpected Nanny debacle of mini-epic proportions. Since Nanny Annie goes back to work (she’s a kindergarten teacher) Nanny Annie’s girlfriend Nancy (Nanny Nan) will be taking over. She is in grad school, but has no classes on Thursdays and Fridays, so she will be here those days. She is also a certified personal trainer, so I am excited! My shoulder is still bothering me (physical therapy student Nan) and I’ve already discussed the train wreck that is my stomach (personal trainer Nan). Nanny Nan will have a lot on her plate.

In the meantime, I am nervous. Nicole goes to Boston for work on Sunday morning and won’t be home till Monday night. I know 48 hours doesn’t seem like much, but it will be hard for me. Especially since the girls wake up at different times at night. I’m still not sure what I am going to do. Most people I know work, so getting a helper for the overnight is hard. And my sister-in-law and brother are taking a boat trip over the weekend, so they won’t be around. Has anyone stayed home alone with newborn-ish twins and survived?

Pictured above are Leif and Skye finishing with his Dora pole. They chummed with about eight hamburger rolls. Anything to keep the troops happy. Pictured below is Maddie getting a hug from her cousin and aunt. I think they both loved being on the boat. Maybe the motion reminds them of womb life?


K J and the kids said...

The Bush comment. HILARIOUS ! And a little eery.

I'm glad that the girls did well on the boat. Sounds like you had a great time.

48 hours. You will stress so much about it, that by the time it comes and will say to yourself. It wasn't as bad as I thought.

Can't wait to see the family pic

nailgirl said...

Love the pics, and I think a day on the boat sounds heavenly :)

Motel Manager said...

I bet the sleeping will continue to get better, even if it's occasionally one step forward, two steps back. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a positive trend!

48 hours alone with the kids sounds daunting, but you will get through it. And you will then feel very empowered!

Shelli said...

Narda is in San Diego Sunday to Wednesday.

Want some company from East Harlem on Sunday? Malka LURVES her some babies! :)

Katie said...

The Gym at 5:00am!!!! You are a super mom.

Anonymous said...

Oh I think the world ended in 2000 when W won (or stole) the election.

If only we can put him and his every dwindling cabinet in a boat and push them off to sea. I would allow them one dora fishing pole to allow them to fish.