Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What A Difference a Year Can Make

Amazing how tings can change in a year. Yesterday I pulled out of the inner recesses of my closet a summer-y bag that I haven’t used since, well, last summer. As I was throwing in my sunglasses and wallet and various things, I noticed a little bulge in the pocket. It was a tampon. Now this in itself in not a very electrifying discovery, but it sorta is a snapshot of where I was the last time I used this bag. And here I am, a year later, tampon-less and pregnant. I get these sort of little reminders every day that I should be grateful.

All went well at yesterday’s appointment. Baby A is head down, as usual, and Baby B is transverse again. I heard both heart beats and we actually saw one of the babies’ practice breathing! That was exciting to see! Dr. It Doesn’t Bother Me did the strep test, and I will get those results in a couple of days. My blood pressure is 94 over 70, which is higher than I usually am but still below average. On an even more exciting note, we talked not so much about end game but rather about meeting all the doctors in the practice in case I go into labor when my doctor isn’t on. I remember my doctor telling me about this way back when in the very beginning and I had that refrain in my head “Yeah, if we even GET that far.” And now, here we are, at 34 weeks, getting closer, meeting all the doctors. My doctor says there is still time for the babies to move (how?) so it is too early to decide is this is a C-section or vaginal delivery. My next appointment (measuring the babies and a non stress test) is Thursday.

I got tagged for a meme! In this particular one, I am supposed to reveal 7 things about myself. I’m not quite sure what angle I am supposed to take here so I will stall for a day or two while I collect my thoughts (and read other people’s)! Do I offer up deep, dark secrets that not even some of my closest friends know? Or do I take the more benign route? The thing about the blog world is that it is in a way anonymous. I like the fact that I can be completely honest and that I have been able to share exactly what is on my mind, without fear of judgment. Sometimes I leave out names because you never know who is reading your words and my goal is not to hurt anyone, just to tell my own story. And I am very much an open book, and always have been. But there are some things that we all hold back. Can I reveal some, say, not-so-flattering or hidden things about myself and still feel protected by my cocoon of semi-anonymity? Can I scratch the surface of other things that I need to get off my chest? Decisions, decisions….

This is why I am awul with memes! I overthink them!

Pictured above is the beach, in honor of the upcoming summer.


K J and the kids said...

I want the DEEP DARK stuff sister. :)

Hey, congrats on yet another day !
You are doing so great.
I'm still thinking you can vaginal delivery these girls. Crossing fingers.

psapph0 said...

Wow... I want to see you before you turn into 3! Dinner in the city? Soon?

Dee said...

How cool is it to see your baby breathing?! The first time we saw that we thought it was so amazing.

Glad to hear all is going well with the babes. You really are in the home stretch. Soon, very, very, soon, your little miracles will be here demanding your time and attention.

I also got tagged but have yet to respond. I have to sit on it a few days as well. I'm not sure what to write about since I'm a very open book.

Thanks for checking on us at 2:00 am. You are so sweet! And yes, only one more Tuesday!

We had to get the paper work done because the laws in this state are so backwards. The state is truly run by the major religion in this state. The only way I can be protected as Riley's other parent is to sign a co-guardianship agreement which doesn't do much. Even though I'm the biological mother! The state doesn't allow co-parenting agreements or second parent adoptions for same sex couples. We also wanted to make sure when Riley goes Primary Children's Hospital and Shelly's still at the UofU I can make medical decisions for Riley.

Alas, Shelly is really not feeling much better. Riley's still kicking her in the ribs constantly. Shelly's also recently taken up nausea again. Hopefully she'll find relief soon. If not, she will when Riley's born.

And, craft supplies ARE A NECESSITY! I convinced myself to buy a Xyron machine in order to speed up the process of making Thank You cards for shower gifts and Riley's birth announcements. It's pretty cool! You run it through the machine and it puts adhesive on the back. You peel it off and stick it on your project. Ta Da!

I keep checking on you every day to make sure you haven't gone in to labor. You're so close. Keep up the good work. Just a few more weeks!