Saturday, May 12, 2007

Weights and Waits

First, thank you everyone for talking me down from my self-created ledge. Your comments, as always, are a safety net, and show me once again just how important this invisible community really is.

Deep down I realize this issues isn’t critical yet. After all, this bizarre weight measurement is just a baseline, and we need a couple more measurements before we label this an “issue.” Fear always takes the reins with me and I immediately assume that this isn’t a one-off kind of thing, but rather the beginning of a huge problem. But we just have to wait and see (great...another chance for me to prove just how impatient I am).

Of course, G**gle has lead me to stories of one twin crushing another twin in utero. And partial placental abruption causing weight slow-downs and other horrifying outcomes. I keep thinking about Baby A, who is way down now by my cervix, weighing just over 5 pounds. And then there is Baby B, a full six and a half pounds, already bigger than my niece when she was born (maybe bigger than another niece before she was born too) laying on top of her. It make me feel like I should spend as much time as possible on my back, in case gravity exacerbates this issue. Or maybe I should eat a lot more. I just don’t know. I have a doctor appointment on Monday and a non stress test so hopefully I will have a little more reassurance. Dr. Nothing Bothers Her (who is slightly concerned, which concerns me) said not to worry; if there is an issue at all they will just go in and take the babies out right away. Umm…..that makes me worry! I’m 35 weeks tomorrow, and I just wish these last weeks could be stress-free because, the truth is, I still worry worry worry.

My nephew slept over. He came with Nicole and me to my department graduation celebration last night. This will be his last sleepover for a long time, I think. He sleeps on a blow up mattress right next to me, and likes me to hold his hand until he falls asleep. It is very cute. We will take him home today and I will most likely spend the rest of the weekend in a relaxed state. Laying down just feels best these days.

Pictured above is my niece on the day she was born. She is smaller than Baby B if, of course, sonogram measurements are to be believed, which I think we established they can’t always be believed. But still. And I wonder how many people will see this picture and think I delivered already!


lagiulia said...

First of all I really doubt there's going to be a problem, like one twin crushing the other - never heard of that one! Second of all, if they decide the babies need to come out, 35 weeks is AWESOME, and both are very good sizes for birth. Everything will probably be smooth sailing. Third, REST REST REST! On your left side if possible.

I know you want to enjoy these last weeks of pregnancy, and I hope you do. But don't be too hard on yourself if you are too stressed to do that. Remember, a twin pregnancy is just more complicated than a singleton one. The less room the babies have, they more they need to be watched and taken care of, and the less you can move around and nest and all that stuff that singleton moms-to-be might be able to do. And that's normal and okay.

They'll be here soon, safe and sound in your arms. You are doing great, and I'm SO, SO excited for the four of you!

Dee said...

Glad to hear you're doing slightly better. I'm also extremely glad that this community is out there to help in situations like this.

Just rest and relax AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. That's the best thing you can do for the little ones. And, of course, eat. That souns wonderful! Rest and food! That's a dream come true for a non pregnant woman. Enjoy it while you can!

calliope said...

me. I was the doof that had a moment of panic at the adorable photo of a newborn. don't do that to me!

I hope you & Nicole gets tons of rest this weekend.

K J and the kids said...

I realized there weren't two but did get a butterfly feeling that this might be that post.
SOON ! Very soon !
Rest up girl.....your rest will soon be taken over by 2 crying babies :)
Can I get the birth plan. Is someone going to update your blog...will you be able to ? How long do we have to wait ?
(as you can tell, I'm very excited and it's all about me:)

utRus said...

i agree with others above - you're already at such a good gestational age, even if they had to come out now, they'd do beautifully. that really counts for something. i can't wait to get to 35w!

my only assvice: try to stay the hell off Google. believe me, i have had many anxious moments due to this. write down your questions and bring in to your appointments - the docs can tell you what's pertinent and applies to you and they have the bulk of knowledge to help you parse the info. so much on the internet is crap and anecdotal. i know the urge to research, and i think it's great to be an informed patient, but sometimes "informed" is not the result we get!

you're doing great! hang in there. hugs from hospital-land :)

Eva said...

Happy mother's day. What a change a year makes, huh?