Monday, April 30, 2007

World's Fastest Appointment

Today was the world’s fastest appointment. Dr. Nothing Bothers Her walked in and said we were going to be quick because she was hungry and needed to eat stat. She did an u/s: Baby A is head down, hanging out on my cervix. Baby B is once again floating along the top, in a transverse position. No cervix check and the nurse didn’t even check my blood pressure. However, the nurse did weigh me and while I still don’t know how much I weigh, she told me I lost three pounds. I knew my stomach was shrinking.

I tried to initiate talk about end strategies but my doctor says it is still a little soon. Which it is, I know, but recent discomfort makes it a hot topic for me. She said if they stay in this position she would suggest a C section. But if Baby B moves, then a vaginal delivery would be possible. To be honest, I don’t really have a strong preference. Both ways have major pros and cons. I lean toward a vaginal delivery but whatever way is safest and best is fine with me. But the planner in me secretly LOVES the idea of a scheduled date. The realist in me knows that this really isn’t up to me. And the pessimist in me still can’t believe that I am having these conversations at all.

Next appointment is in two days: A growth check and fluid check and my first non-stress test. And then the appointment cycle begins anew next week….

Pictured above are not one but TWO pictures of me smiling! Contrary to legend, I do in fact smile from time to time in pictures! The thing is, I find it particularly hard to smile for the camera when I am alone. I’m a little self-conscious about my smile (it’s amazing how one can hold onto some critical comments for, oh, decades) and I am not a huge fan of posed pictures. But put me with another person that I love (or like a lot) and I can smile easily. So here is a full frontal shot of me, crooked linea negra and all, also at 33 weeks, with a smile on my face (Nicole elicited said smile with some comment or maybe a threat or an eye roll!). And then there is a picture of me with Leif, riding the camel at the Bronx Zoo.


K J and the kids said...

Your doctor sounds SO kicked back...I think it's a nice balance, but come one ! No blood pressure, that is very important when you are pregnant ! ha ha
THANKS FOR POSTING THE FRONTAL SHOT ! :) You are truly magnificent. Your belly is great big and perfect....a smile to match.
I'm with you on the pictures...I HATE taking pictures....but remember, you ARE with someone(s) in your are with your girls !

infertilepediatrician said...

I love the belly pictures! You look great! Right now I just look fat...well really it's b/c I am. I have not exercised since I started stimming for this cycle back in mid-Feb. But enough about me, you look great, smile and all!

Dee said...

Great pictures! I love both of them. Your belly shot is fantastic!

Glad things are going well!

lagiulia said...

YAY, you look great! I'm glad the appointment was uneventful. My linea negra was crooken just like that. Freaky, eh?