Friday, April 27, 2007

When a Toffee Almond Bar Isn’t Just a Toffee Almond Bar

I’m done. That was the fastest two and half years (ah…not really). I just had my last class and handed in my giant behemoth of a culminating project. Provided I pass that project, I am all clear to graduate. So no more readings or work or papers or presentations or group projects. No more spending my weeks in a cave of work, obsessing over the details, feeling guilty for not doing more. Most of all, I am happy to not have to sit for four hours in classes anymore. Pregnant or not, that is just too long.

I can’t post negative parenting tips from Nicole anymore. When I came home tonight she congratulated me on my last class (stubbing her toe on the step in her mad dash to hug me) and told me she got me a toffee almond bar, which was chilling in the fridge. I didn’t want to admit that I already got one and ate it in class (I need the sugar rush to stay alert). She kept pushing this bar on me, and when I finally admitted that I already had one and wasn’t really hungry, she asked me to bring it to her, which is weird, because she never really eats them. It was curious that she became impatient as I changed into PJs and took out my contacts and puttered around, but I didn’t think much of it. I can be clueless sometimes. But she asked again to bring her the bar and I finally obliged. The bag seemed heavier than normal but I didn’t think much about it. And then I opened the bag and there was hidden inside was a gift of a beautiful pair of sparkly earrings. I already feel so lucky and grateful for everything that I have (non-material, that is) and these sort of things are just the icing on the cake. Or the toffee in the bars, if you will. Really, I am happy with a sincere card (I have saved sincere cards for the past 25 years or so). But this is very nice too! I took a picture so I could someday show it to our daughters and say “See? These are the sort of things your mom does.”

And now tomorrow, blissfully free of grad school and papers and presentations, oh my, the real nesting can begin.


K J and the kids said...

What a nice present.
I got J a present when I had Syd because I got to have this wonderful experience....and she did too, but not REALLY have the experience. Being able to choose which end of the stick I got to be....I felt like the lucky one giving birth. So I got her something. I wanted to get her something when I had the boys...but I was on bed rest and not able to shop. :(

OK, enough about presents......congratu-fuckin-lations. That is FABULOUS that you are done. Now you can focus on nothing else, but getting those girls here. Nest away !
You are 33 weeks girl. Can you believe that !

gypsygrrl said...

awww, that is SO SWEET!
of nicole...surprising you, and of you for taking a picture to show the babies how sweet their mom is!

congrats on the finishing of the masters! i am just about to embark on 2yrs of nursing school, so i am a little jealous!!! ;P but this time in two years, i will be making a blog like yours (minus the sparkly earrings and toffee bar, i am sure)

GREAT WORK! enjoy the rest of your pregnancy without the teadiousness of school!


nycphoenix said...

I love the sight of that gift wrapping...

So how about a pic of the earrings?

Congrats on finishing school!

calliope said...

congrats on the end of school (WOO HOO), and for having such a groovy wife.

utRus said...

congrats on finishing grad school! thats awesome. i dont know how you did it while preg with twins. clearly superwoman.

that's sweet what Nicole did. :) funny story about how she had to keep pushing that toffee bar on you!

you are 33 weeks!!! that is so great. Not to be taken for granted.

Dee said...

Congrats!!!!!! You're done. Now, nothing to stress over but becomming a Momma! I guess that's enough to stress about. But at least one stress gone.

Nicole is so sweet. I love sweet gestures like that. Hope you have a great weekend celebrating.

Emmie said...

Congrats!!!! I know the difficulties of finishing grad school while preparing for babies--it was good to have some work to keep my mind off the worry for awhile but then finally I just wanted to focus on the pregnancy.

Your honey is so sweet and thoughtful!

lagiulia said...