Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Past Due

I must be bigger than I think I am. Today, while waiting for my u/s appointment, a very pregnant woman next to me asked if I was past due too. Ha! I laughed and told her I had another two months. Once she got over the shock, we talked and shared our experiences, and somewhere in the middle of the conversation I though “Wow…I am sitting here talking about sleeping pillows with a pregnant woman and I am pregnant too.” It never ceases to amaze me.

Not only am I big, apparently I make big babies, too. Naturally, I had Attila the Technician but—surprise, surprise—she was actually kind of nice to me today. First, she measured my cervix, which is still nice and long, holding steady at 3.9mm. Then we moved on to the babies: I asked nicely if I could get pictures and she said “we’ll see.” Well, we’ll see turned into a big no. Baby A is head down again (go Baby A!) but she couldn’t get a good picture of her. Baby B is laying across the top, once again in a T-formation. She is facing the inward, so the transducer only picks up images of her butt and the back of her head. So no pictures for Nicole, who had a meeting in Connecticut and couldn’t attend today’s viewing.

Here’s the amazing part: Baby A is 3 pounds 11 ounces and Baby B is 3 pounds 10 ounces, which is exactly what a singleton at 30 weeks 2 days would weigh! Grow babies grow! At this point they grow about a half-pound a week (I wish I could say the same…). So these could be some big babies! I keep reading and hearing that twin growth slows down in the third trimester, but these babies apparently didn’t get the memo.

I am still sick, but I think I am on the mend. The congestion is clearing, the lethargy is lifting and I am able to stand up for more than a minute without feeling like I need a nap. And I have managed to cut down my nap schedule, too. I hope this is the end of whatever this illness was. Where is the so-called super immune system that some pregnant women get?

Pictured above is my niece playing in one of the new cribs. I still can’t believe that there could be babies in here some time in the next couple of months.


K J and the kids said...

Love those round cribs.

SO glad that atilla was nice to you. SUCKER ! Once when I was in ultrasoun there were 3 of us, all looking past due :) Each of us carrying twins. We talked and talked....in fact it was the first time I didn't want the technician to come and get me. We all had the similar, "I can't roll over in bed anymore" stories....we had all been on bed rest (which you have so far surpassed...you amazing thing you...damn I'm so proud of you).

Now, warning...my boys were measuring VERY large as well...they were supposed to be
8 lbs'ers according to the ultrasound and that was at 37 weeks.
(part of the reason my doctor agreed to induce at 37 weeks 4 days)
They were a good size at 7lbs and 6lbs 10oz, but that wasn't 8lbs a kid (which, surprisingly I felt they were)
Keep doing what you are doing. EAT...if you can't eat, drink Ensures. I liked the chocolate ones.

You really are doing SUCH a great job on those girls. I can't believe it's just weeks away. Super excited to hear your birth story and to see pictures of them.

Dee said...

Grow girls grow! I love that they're measuring that big. The bigger the healthier!

Glad today's appointment went well!!! We both had appointments today so I'm sure we both didn't sleep well last night. There's always that anxiety of what may come the next day.

Keep up the good work! When do you go back?

Your niece looks adorable!

lagiulia said...

Go you! Sounds like things are going well! I hope you are not too uncomfortable. My babies didn't slow down in the 3rd tri either, and they were very big for 34 weekers. Top percentiles across the board when they were born(but they didn't stay there long). I would have liked to carry them longer than 34 weeks, but then I think about how big they probably would have been at 38! Yikes! Oh, and my husband and his bro and sis were all around 10 lbs. No joke.
Hopefully yours will grow to just the right size, like 6-7 lbs., and then even out. Keep up the good growing!

calliope said...

glad you are feeling better. & super impressed that the girls are coming up with clever ways to let you know that they are brilliant.T formation for Tuesday's scan. How very smart.

Carey said...

Glad to see things are progressing so nicely!!! :) How wonderful for you guys.

3 kids = 1 big van said...

I'm so glad to hear that things are going well for you!! The fun is just beginning. My girls were that big when they were born at 34 weeks ( well 3 lbs 15 ozs, and 4 lbs 5 oz.) That is soooooo good that they are growing so well. You are truly blessed (although as I remember, it doesn't exactly feel like it in your body right now!!!) Amy