Monday, March 26, 2007

Kicking Concerns

So did/does this happen to anyone? I’ve noticed that the babies seem to be kicking less the past day and half or so. We were running around a lot yesterday, but at the end of the day I noticed I hadn’t really felt much movement from them (I did feel some, though). And then this morning, Nicole did her “Wake up babies” stomach-talk-and-jiggle for a while and no reaction. We canceled our car appointment, thinking we would have to go to the doctor and lo and behold, Baby A started kicking a little. But in a different spot and not as hard as she sometimes does. Baby B then contributed a few movements. Are the babies just in new positions? Did they move to new corners? Is this normal? Does this happen? Can they have active days or weeks, and then just have a day or two or less action? Is the fact that there are twins in there make a difference?

The internet, of course, scares the hell out of me. So I need to keep my distance from it.

I have had caffeine, sugar, juice and water and did the whole left-side thing. I am pulling out all the stops. I am feeling movement today, but just not as intently/regularly as I did before. I called my doctor’s office, but the office seems to be closed today and I don’t think this warrants emergency service or attention, because I am, after al, feeling something. And I do have a sonogram tomorrow (but not until 3:30….ugh).

And then the whole kick count thing: My doctor has never discussed it with me, and the internet says everything from 10 kicks an hour to 10 kicks in 2 hours to even 10 kicks in a half hour. I know WTF just went through this little movement scare, and everything turned out to be ok. It is just nerve-wracking. So if anyone has some words of wisdom or stories of experience, please do share.

Pictured above is sourdough lobster and Crabby the Globe-trotting card, just because.


Eva said...

I know my twins started running out of room after a while and their kicks seemed more muffled -- it was like, they were no longer able to wind up for the kicks and punches, so little movements had to do. That may be what's going on for you.

My doctor said for the kick count -- count until you reach 10. If you reach 10 in 5 minutes, you can stop; if it takes an hour, stop then. I think he said up to an hour.

I must say I think I was totally where you seem to be pregnant -- I would always say, when I hit this milestone I will worry less, but I always came up with something else to worry about. Hope the U/S tomorrow is reassuring.

K J and the kids said...

Absolutely normal. They go through growth spurts and that makes them slow down. Plus, as you get closer to the end they run out of room.
Tomorrow things will be better as you will be able to see those beautiful babies hanging out comfortably and healthy.
Be happy that the aren't crazy in utero....that means they will be more mellow when they come out. I'm a true believer in that. I have 3 perfect examples :)

psapph0 said...

Perhpas they're just taking a break to regroup, strategize and formulate a new plan of attack with which to pummel you to pieces from the inside out :-) Crafty little buggers, huh?

lagiulia said...

I'm not much help because I was put on a drug called terbulatline at 28w because of preterm labor. Its purpose is to decrease the number of contractions, but the side effect is that of an upper. So, up until the end the boys kicked and moved like they were on speed. Creepy, eh? It seems like if you're feeling some movement and feel confident that it's from each baby, things are okay. But I do think that you can never be too cautious. If you don't feel much movement this morning, why not call and say that you are not feeling movement and can you have an earlier appointment.
Oh, and I like your latest culinary creation! Sometime you and I should get together and eat mass quantities of lobster, bleu cheese, and avocado, and talk twins.
PS- congrats on 28 wks. I like your carvel celebration!

Melinda said...

It sounds normal to me... but I also know that when I was pregnant, sometimes the only thing that would make me feel better were some reassuring words from my midwife. Maybe when the office is open again you could call? You may not even have to go in...

When similar things happened to me (i.e. stopped feeling fetal movement) I would often drink a bunch of OJ and then lie still until I felt enough movement to satisfy me. My midwives were never big proponents of the "counting kicks" thing, since babies move more on some days than on others, but they always advised me to follow my gut, no pun intended -- if I felt like things were ok, they probably were.

I'm also ashamed to admit that sometimes, when I hadn't felt the baby kick for awhile, I would poke my stomach until she "woke up." :)

YouGuysKnow said...

My twinlets seem to have times where they move around like mad, and other times where I don't detect much of anything for quite a while. I am told this is normal. I haven't been told to count anything yet by way of fetal movements - I have mainly been counting contractions when they happen! (if more than 6 in 1 hour or 4 per hour for 2 hours... then I have to call in) Love the lobster! Please post after your checkup.

YouGuysKnow said...

the above was from me, UtRus - the new Blogger has things all messed up...