Saturday, February 17, 2007

Slouching Toward a Babies’ Room

I just don’t have the energy to complain about the contractor. The thing is, he is a really nice guy. Kind, considerate, helpful, friendly. I have nothing against him as a person. But as our contractor, well, that’s different. He is awful at pacing his work and has no concept of deadlines. He was at our apartment until 9:00 pm on Friday night (luckily I was at class until 9:30) and still didn’t finish everything. He is coming back on Tuesday, and then again in about a week…and the saga continues.

Since the contractor didn’t get around to painting, today was painting day for us. We painted the new living room wall and the hall wall. And we painted the babies’ room. (For the record, I was masked and well ventilated and used sparingly against Nicole’s will.) We selected a very demure and understated pink called Candy Stripe. On paper, it looked more white than pink and seemed perfect. On the wall it looked like a neon 80s Pepto-esque nightmare. It was a color that doesn’t occur in nature. Ever. This meant I had to trek back to the store and buy a second gallon in a different, softer pink. Peony Pink is a thousand times better. It still seems pinker than what it looked like on paper, but it is a nice, warm color. It took us all day to paint everything, but, more to the point, it would have taken the contractor six days.

Tomorrow I am 23 weeks. I am well aware of the viability goal date of 24 weeks but am not sure if that applies to twins too. Still, 23 weeks. That is a long time. I can’t believe I am almost six months. Nicole felt Baby B this morning. She (Baby B, that is) was kicking up a storm for a change, since she normally punches me with her mini hand. When Nicole took her hand away she stopped. It’s like they have little personalities already.

I feel them moving and kicking…their room is coming together…I need to sign up for a birthing class….I feel like I am living someone else’s life. But I look at my ever-expanding body and realize that this really is happening to me.

For the record, I am getting really, really big.


K J and the kids said...

That you were painting and 6 months pregnant with twins is amazing in and of itself.
Way to go.
I'm sorry your contractor is so slow. The end result will be great though. Right ?

Calliope said...

peony pink sounds so lovely. very glad that the rooms (& the rest of your place) is coming together.


Infertilepediatrician said...

Isn't it crazy how many shades of pink there are? And why doesn't any color look the same as the little 2x2 piece of paper? I'm glad you were able to get the color straightened out and that everything is finally coming together. So when is the baby shower?

Eva said...

Glad things are coming together. We still haven't finished decorating at 5 months old and our painting happened while I was like 7 months pregnant so you are doing great.

In your last post you worried about losing pregnancy weight -- well, if you decide to BF, have no fear. It is hard to keep enough weight on your body when you are BF'ing twins. You will be amazed at how fast it comes off (of course, things won't feel exactly the same...).

Hope you continue to feel healthy and enjoy lots of kicks and elbows.

psapph0 said...

Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe.... pink