Wednesday, January 03, 2007

[Past] Tense

Insomnia is not as romantic as I would like to think it is. I’ve been up since 3:00 a.m., which is par for the course for me. I seem to wake up every hour and a half or so to pee. This has been going on since Day One of this pregnancy. By 2:00 or 3:00 or 4:00, I can’t get back to sleep. I usually watch shows on my iPod. So far, I have been through five whole seasons of 24 (that’s 120 shows); one season of Top Chef; every episode ever created of The Office and a bunch of miscellaneous random shows of which I didn’t commit to an entire season. I’m officially out of shows, and need to develop an interest in some new ones fast.

And now, I am just tense. A little less than two hours till my next appointment. It’s been 23 days since my last one. I am bracing myself for bad news. I am also bracing myself to have to beg for a sonogram. I am seeing my doctor’s partner for the first time and I have no idea what his protocol is. I know there will be blood work (last part of nuchal) and a blood pressure check and a cervix measurement and the all-humiliating weigh-in, but I don’t know what else. All I know is I am not leaving till I see both babies, hearts beating, hopefully squirming around.

Any sliver of hope I have comes courtesy of the fact that 2006 was last year, and this is the New & Improved 2007. All bad outcomes should have happened and been wrapped up by December 31st of ’06.

One hour and forty-five minutes to go….


Sophia said...

on pins and needles here

UtRus said...

Jennifer, you and I are really in the same boat right now - even including being asleep by 10:30PM on New Years! I have to wait 2 more days until my next OB appointment, and it's been 18 days for me. I'm also anxious, but trying to relax and remind myself that there is literally nothing I can do to control how they're doing in there except for eat and take good care of myself. please update when you get back and good luck. :)

Jennifer said...

Hi U, We really are living somwhat parallel lives! I hope the last two days fly by for you! Appointments shoud be weekly, or there should at least be a "drive-in" sonogram place. I'd be happy to pay for a little extra reassuarnace!

bri said...

Have you watched House? We netflixed the first 2 seasons after my m/c when we were tv-bound. I assume you've already seen 6 Ft Under?

Jennifer said...

No, haven't seen house OR SFU. I'll see if House is on iTunes. Your are the 87th person to rec. SFU. I guess we should just go and get the box set!