Thursday, January 18, 2007

If Eating Yellow Cake With Chocolate Frosting Morning, Noon and Night is Wrong, Then I Don’t Want to Be Right

Making a cake right before Nicole leaves for a business trip is very dangerous. Last night, we both had a reasonably-sized slice for dessert. The cake looked so nice on its glass domed pedestal, with those little slivers cut out, looking kind of like a Pac-Man, with the gooey and delicious homemade chocolate frosting oozing out of the middle. So this morning she leaves for Boston and suddenly the cake is no longer a cute Pac-man, it’s more like a half circle, and quickly waning. Cake crumbs are all over the counter. Cake dishes in the dishwasher. And I am desperately trying to restrain for eating another piece tonight. Ha.

I’m happy to report that today was drama-free for a change. The amnio results still weigh over my head, and I am a bit nervous because the doctor who did my amnio did say that results may even be ready by Friday, which is tomorrow. If not tomorrow, then Monday. But I am trying to convince myself that the worst of this particular storm is over and all will be fine. But I am still feeling anxious, and am ready for it to be over.

Today, feeling bravely optimistic, I ventured to Buy Buy Baby to buy something for the babies. Now that we know they are girls, I just wanted to buy something that was for them. Something slightly girlish to celebrate their girl-ness, since the official news is only a few days old.

But I couldn’t really find anything. Why do the girl’s clothes have to be so violently girly? Butterflies AND flowers AND bows AND cap sleeves AND treacly sayings like “Thank Heaven for little girls” all on ONE shirt. But the boy stuff: Adorable. Solid light blue onesie with navy trim and maybe one tiny and cute truck in the center. Crab bathing suits. Light blue pajamas with yellow stars. White pajamas covered with primary-color planes, trains and automobiles. Blue seersucker pants (I don’t care, my girls will wear seersucker, just like Nicole). I ended up with two little short-sleeved onesies: One is pink and white striped and one is white with pink hearts. Girl-ish without being over-the-top. Grand total: $4.99. (Who knew they were so cheap? I figured it would be like $15 for both. I have a lot to learn.) Then I went downstairs and sat in a glider for bout 20 minutes because I am still so exhausted.

I’m getting anxious to begin to babies’ room construction. I need to decorate something. I am excited to pick out paint colors and little rugs and little lamps and all that. Maybe once the room goes up, it will all feel more real to me. Because even with a growing stomach and sonogram proof, I feel like this is all just a dream. And we usually wake up from dreams.

And speaking of feeling real, I am wondering if I am beginning to maybe feel little kicks. Almost everyone describes the first kicks as flutters and butterflies and flopping goldfish (I did read that once). Me, I’m feeling a little tiny bubble-like feeling with a mini pop. It happens in the same place, which is where the bottom baby’s legs and feet are. One and sometimes two mini pops in a row. Could that be kicking? Could it be starting? I’ll be 19 weeks on Sunday, so isn’t it about time? My friend Jen with her twins, she didn’t feel anything till 20 weeks. I’m ready to start having a little physical reassurance. Once they start kicking, I’m sure I’ll be insane: You know I’ll be the one drinking a gallon of orange juice and laying on my left side just to feel reassured. Or eating a lot of cake. Which is what I am going to do right now.


lagiulia said...

Eat that cake. It's good for you!
I don't remember when I first felt my twins kick. I do remember it was like an eye twitch, only in my lower abdomen. Not fluttery, but twitchy. I'll bet what you're feeling are the early kicks indeed. So exciting!
If you're ever in Brooklyn, you're welcome to stop by and see how our boys' room is set up. It is very simple, as I am not a great decorator.
I hope all amnio results are good. Take care!

Sophia said...

that cake looks so good!

psapph0 said...
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psapph0 said...

Fun (but slightly expensive) baby clothes that are not-terribly-girly!

And you guys can't miss this:

Anonymous said...

That is your baby kicking you.
That's exactly what it feels like.

You will not have to drink orange juice to confirm anything. You have 2 babies in there, you will be telling them to settle down.
Usually around 2 am when they decide to play another game of membrane boxing with each other.

Dee said...

You've got shoppers block! I suffered through that myself. I'd wander through the stores trying to find SOMETHING, ANYTHING to buy and would leave empty handed. I even left in tears a couple of times because I'm a shopper! The first outfit we purchased was from the boys section!!! It's feminine enough a girl can wear it but still, it's a boys outfit! The girl stuff can be just too, too cutsy!

Last, I really think you're feeling the babies. Shelly initially described feeling Riley almost exactly as you are. She said it almost felt like little gas bubbles popping. So, I believe you're feeling your precious little girls! Congrats!!!

whatthef*ck said...

sounds like kicking to me! esp in the same place. cool!

that cake looks really good. too bad i feel like puking from terror. i'm sipping a beer (just a splash) to try to calm my nerves. it isnt working. once we get over this part, i'll be wondering what the amnio results tell that the FISH results dont and what else i should be worried about. argh.

enjoy your cake.

the gap has a cute collection of mixed prints right now esp a ruffle butt pair of pants and a western shirt. maybe i told you that already.

Anonymous said...

Bubbles is exactly how I described my early kicks from my twins -- at first I wasn't sure, is it gas, or babies? I felt like little bubbles moving around my tummy. Don't worry, before long you will have no doubt when they are forceful and you're trying to get Nicole to feel them, too. Very exciting.

Other places for not-to-girly clothes include, and gymboree (which also has a .com).

Carey said...

Hey... how's that cake looking now?? Is there any left??? =)